NSS at CGC Jhanjeri is a voluntary community service program fostering students social responsibility and personal growth. Students engage in various activities, including blood donation camps, cleanliness drives and health awareness campaigns, benefiting the community and honing valuable life skills. The program emphasizes leadership, teamwork and civic awareness. Annual camps in rural areas offer direct community development opportunities.
Green Panther - The Nature Club
The Nature's Club fosters environmental consciousness, encouraging students to participate in conservation projects and outdoor activities for personal and community well-being. It provides networking opportunities, connecting students with professionals in the environmental sector. Members may also develop a stronger connection to the natural world, leading to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.
Givers - The CSR Club
The Giver's Club aims to develop empathy and compassion among students, fostering a sense of social responsibility. It focuses on building personal qualities such as generosity and leadership, with a long-term goal of nurturing global citizenship and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. All events related to social acts like distribution among poor, distribution of plastic bags, water walkathon etc will come under this club.
Rangmanch - The Theatre Club
At CGC Jhanjeri, the Theater Club seeks to create a space where students can explore and showcase their talents in the performing arts. Through engaging productions and collaborative projects, the club aims to foster a supportive community that nurtures talent, builds confidence, and encourages a deeper appreciation for the arts within the college environment.
Rockers - The Dance & Music Club
The Dance and Music club at CGC Jhanjeri aims to foster creativity and cultural diversity. Dance and music serve as enjoyable and therapeutic activities, contributing to a balanced and fulfilling college life. It enhances campus life by organizing events that entertain, educate, and promote networking within the arts.
CGC FIT Connect - The fitness club
The Fitness Club serves as a hub for fostering a culture of fitness, encouraging regular exercise, and educating students on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By organizing fitness events, yoga sessions and providing expert guidance, the fitness club aims to enhance students' physical fitness, mental resilience, and academic performance.
Avengers dance club isn't just about moving to the beat; it's about creating a vibrant community where students can express themselves through the art of dance. From hip-hop to contemporary, salsa to ballet, our club offers a diverse range of styles to cater to every dancer's passion.
C-CLICK - The Photography club
C-Click club promotes general knowledge & development among students related to lens. This club aims at providing best experience in photography & lens.
Mind Benders - The Literary Club
The main purpose of Literary Club is to promote general knowledge & development among students. All events related to quiz. Paper presentation, debates or any other educational activities will come under the club.
Art Masters - THe Fine Arts Club
The Arts Club of CGC Jhanjeri college inspires creativity, nurtures artistic talents, and builds a vibrant community. Through workshops, exhibitions, and performances, it provides a platform for students to express themselves, fostering a culture of artistic exploration.
Socialcom - The Social Media & Digital Marketing Club
The Social Media & Digital Marketing Club bridges the gap between theory and industry practices, preparing members for successful careers in the dynamic field of digital marketing.
FashionInsta Club
With a focus on style and self-expression, the Fashionista Club aspires to be a hub for students interested in the diverse facets of fashion. By organizing runway shows, workshops, and discussions on emerging trends, the club provides a platform for students to engage with and appreciate the dynamic world of fashion while fostering a sense of camaraderie among members.