Student Welfare Centre at CGC Jhanjeri serves as a vital support hub for students, offering services to enhance their well-being and academic success. Its primary role is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can seek guidance, support, and assistance with various personal, academic, and social issues.

By promoting holistic development and fostering a supportive campus environment, the Student Welfare Centre is vital in empowering students to thrive during their college journey.

General Helpline :–
Phone No : +91 708 701 2717
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College Events

CGC Jhanjeri hosts diverse cultural, sporting, & extracurricular activities, fostering holistic student development.

Open House Sessions

Open House Sessions at CGC Jhanjeri, provide a platform for students to express common challenges & offer suggestions for improving the learning process.

Student’s Feedback

CGC Jhanjeri highly values & actively incorporates student suggestions and feedback to address critical areas of concern, fostering continuous improvement.

Departmental Clubs

To cater to diverse interests, CGC Jhanjeri hosts numerous clubs and societies to nurture students who excel in both academics and extracurricular pursuits.

Student Care Centre KEY FEATURESStudent Care Centre KEY FEATURES

Student Care Centre provides a haven, offering confidential counselling, wellness resources, and academic guidance.

dedicated to your Comfort

As the department of student welfare our role is to create, facilitate and develop inspiration filled platforms where students can explore their highest form of individual expression.

Cultivating Campus Community Harmony!


Dynamic college clubs, ranging from academics to culture, offer students platforms for collaboration, skill development, and enduring connections, enhancing their holistic development and college experience.