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At Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri, North India's Fastest Growing Educational Institute, the integrated Bachelor Of Law (BBA LLB Integrated) program is a comprehensive program that imparts information across all pertinent business and legal fields. Infusing strong analytical thinking, decision-making, self-assured public speaking, and other sophisticated qualities into the curriculum is specifically designed to develop today's pupils into competent future professionals. A solid interdisciplinary learning foundation for this course is provided by finance, marketing, human resources, corporate legislation, banking, acquisitions and mergers, international business, and other study vertices.

At CGC Jhanjeri, a supportive learning atmosphere prioritises theoretical and practical learning in tandem to promote in-depth knowledge for delivering real-time solutions to the rapidly changing professional world. The college's outstanding faculty equips students with the administrative and legal skills they need to confront the world with assurance and seize opportunities to succeed in their chosen fields in the future.


One of the most sought-after professional programs for all ages is law school, Because it offers a wide range of Career scopes after a Bachelor Of Law (BBA LLB) and is highly sought after in both the public and commercial sectors, BBA LLB is a popular choice among young people. A solid basis for a successful career in this profession is having a solid comprehension of the topic in addition to clever skills that have been learned.

Extra Curriculum at CGC- J

At CGC-J, there are many possibilities available. We place a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities and offer facilities for table tennis, badminton, cricket, and football, among other sports. Even the dorms include table tennis tables for the students' enjoyment. Students can join a variety of cultural groups, and these clubs often hold activities that keep the students interested throughout the year.

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Bachelor Of Law (BBA LLB Integrated) Career Scope

Law is not a different body of knowledge, and the practice of law cannot be separated from the practice of other disciplines. Law influences and influences different subjects and professions. BBA LLB Integrated is a unique and specialised multidisciplinary curriculum that has arisen in the last decade in response to the industry's fast-changing tendencies. It gives a thorough understanding of commerce and commercial management and detailed elements of law and government.

Below are some job opportunities for Bachelor Of Law (BBA LLB) graduates:

  • Enterprise Analyst
  • Lawyer
  • Accounting Manager
  • Legal Advisor
  • Law Officer
  • District & Session Judge
  • HR Manager
  • Company Secretary
  • Management Accountants
  • Attorney General

The five-year combined program, the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BBA LLB Integrated) led to a professional degree. The combined law and business administration curriculum, BBA LLB, teaches students legal and business ideas. The knowledge and comprehension of Commerce courses like Principles of Management, Financial Accounting, Effective Communication, Computer Applications, and so on are initially distributed to candidates pursuing BBA LLB. BBA LLB candidates will learn about legal topics such as Constitutional Law, Property Law, Administrative Law, Company Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law.


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Modern facilities at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri enable students' highest level of study. A highly skilled, seasoned, and professional teaching staff gives students the best technical and intellectual input possible. You can make the most of your educational experience at CGC Jhanjeri thanks to its cutting-edge campus amenities and infrastructure. Wi-Fi is available throughout the CGC campus, and there is also a computerised library with e-books, journals, and seminars, among other features that give students the best setting for the growth of both their technical abilities and personalities. Computer labs at CGC Jhanjeri are equipped with the most recent gear to teach students in a realistic environment and assist the growth of their technical skills. The internet is available to students at any time, and from anywhere

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