Department OF International Affairs

In the era of globalization, our world has transformed into a closely-knit global village, rich in diverse cultures. As the Department of International Affairs, our mission is to bridge the gap between our students and the global community. At CGC Jhanjeri, we have cultivated extensive strategic partnerships and collaborations with renowned universities across the globe.

Department of International Affairs tirelessly facilitates a variety of exchange programs across disciplines.  These initiatives aim to provide students with opportunities to explore different cultural and academic environments through carefully curated study abroad programs.

International Exposure ProgramsInternational Exposure Programs

  • Semester Exchange Program

    The Semester Exchange Program extends an invitation to CGC Jhanjeri students to undertake coursework at distinguished universities for a single semester. Tuition fees are waived for students engaged in the semester exchange program.

  • Credit Transfer or 2+2 Program

    A portion of your academic journey will be fulfilled at CGC Jhanjeri, while the remaining credits will be undertaken at a foreign university, subject to the availability of relevant courses. For eligibility, a minimum two years of study at CGC Jhanjeri is required.

  • Summer School Program

    CGC Jhanjeri students can seize the opportunity to travel to the USA, UK, Australia, France, Russia, etc. during the June/July vacation through this program. No IELTS or CGPA eligibility is necessary, offering overseas certification and building a travel history.

  • International Internship Program

    During the internship, CGC Jhanjeri students are placed in fields related to their studies. This provides the chance to experience daily operations in a real-world company, actively participate, and explore a new country and culture during non-working hours.

International Admission Process

Discover the array of international admissions at CGC Jhanjeri, providing diverse opportunities for global students to pursue their academic and professional aspirations.

Initiate admission inquiry at intlcollaborations

Submit application form, copy of passport/ID & transcripts 

Await confirmation for an offer letter

Pay registration fee after receiving offer letter

Apply for student visa at the nearest Indian Embassy

Upon arrival, complete registration & attend orientation

From The Head of Department OF International Affairs

In today's interconnected global landscape, where national and cultural boundaries are constantly eroding, higher educational institutions bear the responsibility of preparing students to navigate a world without limitations. Serving as the Head of Department of International Affairs, I firmly advocate that an academic journey without internationalization is inherently incomplete in the age of globalization. Thus, the International Affairs Department is committed to facilitating and creating a platform for students to gain crucial international exposure.

Head - Department of International Affairs

100+ Global Tie-Ups


Global Tie-Ups

25+ Countries









Tie Ups

CGCians Who Went AbroadCGCians Who Went Abroad

Empowered by CGC Jhanjeri’s global programs, students ventured overseas for academic pursuits. Embracing diverse cultures, forging lasting connections, they return with enriched insights, and thrive academically & personally.

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On-Campus<br />Ac/Non-Ac Housing

Ac/Non-Ac Housing

Education Tailored<br />to Students

Education Tailored
to Students

Global Exposure<br />through MOUs

Global Exposure
through MOUs

Affordable Local<br />Cuisine

Affordable Local

Internationally Recognized<br />Degrees, by UGC, Govt.<br />of India

Internationally Recognized
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of India

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Cost-Effective Study

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Environment Fostering
Academic Growth

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Assistance in
Event Funding

Why Do International Students Choose CGC Jhanjeri?

Foreign Delegates at CGC JhanjeriForeign Delegates at CGC Jhanjeri

Foreign delegates at CGC Jhanjeri enhance the educational landscape by fostering cultural exchange, collaborative research, global networking, and diverse perspectives, preparing students for a well-rounded and globally competitive future.

MoUs with Premier International Education Entities

CGC Jhanjeri’s MOUs with top global institutions drive academic excellence, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and innovation. MOUs serve as a platform for sharing best practices, resources, and expertise, strengthening the global network of educational institutions.

Discover Diversity in International EventsDiscover Diversity in International Events

Uncover a mosaic of cultures in international events, embracing diversity and fostering global understanding.

Student’s Testimonials