MoUs with Premier International Education Entities

CGC Jhanjeri’s MOUs with top global institutions drive academic excellence, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and innovation. MOUs serve as a platform for sharing best practices, resources, and expertise, strengthening the global network of educational institutions.

International Exposure ProgramsInternational Exposure Programs

  • Semester Exchange Program

    The Semester Exchange Program extends an invitation to CGC Jhanjeri students to undertake coursework at distinguished universities for a single semester. Tuition fees are waived for students engaged in the semester exchange program.

  • Credit Transfer or 2+2 Program

    A portion of your academic journey will be fulfilled at CGC Jhanjeri, while the remaining credits will be undertaken at a foreign university, subject to the availability of relevant courses. For eligibility, a minimum two years of study at CGC Jhanjeri is required.

  • Summer School Program

    CGC Jhanjeri students can seize the opportunity to travel to the USA, UK, Australia, France, Russia, etc. during the June/July vacation through this program. No IELTS or CGPA eligibility is necessary, offering overseas certification and building a travel history.

  • International Internship Program

    During the internship, CGC Jhanjeri students are placed in fields related to their studies. This provides the chance to experience daily operations in a real-world company, actively participate, and explore a new country and culture during non-working hours.