About Class Counselling at CGC Jhanjeri

The Class Counselling program at CGC Jhanjeri operates based on the established principle of faculty members serving as Friends, Philosophers, and Mentors. Each faculty member is assigned as a Class Counselor for a small group of 30 students, fostering an environment where students can freely express their personal issues, thoughts, feelings, reactions, and value systems. This process involves exploring their emotions, interactions (or lack thereof) with teachers, academic pursuits, interpersonal relationships, and various other aspects of their lives.

The Guidance and Mentoring component of the Class Counselling System helps students become aware of their academic strengths and weaknesses. It aids them in identifying and developing study-related skills to bolster areas of weakness, recognizing personal strengths, and formulating their career and life plans. The Guidance and Counselling System at CGC Jhanjeri is meticulously designed to facilitate individual exploration and development.