Experiencing World- Class Education

Life at CGC Jhanjeri is much more than just textbooks and classroom lectures. It’s about experiencing world-class education, curricular and co-curricular activities, best eateries, state-of-the-art amenities, and a secure and supportive campus environment. We also offer a huge range of clubs and societies that foster your all-round personality and make it easy for you to make new friends.

Safe & Secure CampusSafe & Secure Campus

CGC Jhanjeri places the utmost importance on the safety of our students and staff. To this end, we have established robust systems and facilities, supported by a dedicated security team committed to the highest service standards for emergency response. Access to the campus is strictly controlled, with continuous 24*7 monitoring by our vigilant security officers ensuring the safety of all.

Sports & Facilities

With a vision to enhance the all round personality of the students, CGC, Jhanjeri, Mohali pays equal attention to sports and fitness. Sports competitions, tournaments are organized by the affiliating Universities and students are encouraged to participate. The CGC campus is well equipped with Basketball Hard Courts, Badminton, Cricket Ground, Volley Ball Court, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Body Building facilities and other fitness activities.


  • CGC Jhanjeri Hockey team won Bronze Medal in PTU Inter College Tournament.
  • In PTU Inter College Badminton Tournament at CGC Jhanjeri won Runner-Up Trophy.
  • CGC Jhanjeri Students Won 4 medals in PTU Inter College Tournament.
  • CGC Jhanjeri Students won Gold Medal in High Jump in PTU Annual Athletic meet.
  • In PTU Annual Athletic meet Jhanjeri Students won Silver Medal.
  • CGC Jhanjeri Students won Bronze Medal in Javelin Throw in PTU Annual Athletic meet.

Discover Diversity in International Events

Uncover a mosaic of cultures in international events, embracing diversity and fostering global understanding.


Dynamic college clubs, ranging from academics to culture, offer students platforms for collaboration, skill development, and enduring connections, enhancing their holistic development and college experience.

Life At CGC Jhanjeri

Our vision goes beyond classrooms, fostering a vibrant campus life!