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The library at CGC Jhanjeri is a hub of intellectual activity, providing students with access to a wealth of academic resources and information. Its modern facilities and extensive collection of books, journals, and online databases cater to the diverse needs of students across various disciplines. With comfortable study spaces, state-of-the-art technology, and knowledgeable librarians ready to assist, the library serves as a vibrant center for research, study, and collaborative learning.

Chandigarh Engineering College, Jhanjeri has state-of-the-art academic library that provides a congenial atmosphere for reading and research purposes. The library is fully automated with integrated Library Management Software KOHA.

All the books in the library are barcode based and easily scan barcode readers. Books can be searched in "KOHA" Web OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue).




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Book Circulation

This service is provided by all the libraries at the college. Students here can make use of any library and use this service.

Library Service2

Digital Library

The digital sections of our libraries have good number of computer systems providing access to a variety of resources. SCOPUS -ELSEVIER Publications Turnitin Originality Check Software EBSCO Academic E-Books Collection EBSCO Academic E-Journal Collection Manupatra legal Databases

Library Service3


This unique facility of our libraries is available 24X7. Students can check the availability of books from anywhere and anytime. Koha Web Opac

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IRINS facilitates the academic and faculty members of CGC Jhanjeri to collect, curate, and showcase scholarly communication activities.
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Library is the world of information and imagination for anyone.

National Books Lovers Day
In August, CGC Jhanjeri observed National Book Lovers Day with fervor. The celebration extended to all the libraries within the block, where students enthusiastically participated, delving into the pages of their beloved books.
National Books Lovers Day
Hindi Diwas
CGC Jhanjeri celebrated 'Hindi Diwas' on September 14 alongside the Department of Mass communication and the Department of Journalism. Students engaged in 'Impromptu Speech' or 'Tatkal Bhashan' competition, and the winners were Anshika, Davi and Rukaiya.
Hindi Diwas
National Librarians Day
National Librarians Day
On the occasion of National Librarians Day, CGC Jhanjeri libraries provide a reference service online demonstration program to all the students and the faculty. They also provide research support services to the faculty members.
Awareness Programs For E-Resources
Awareness Programs For E-Resources
The students were made aware during the Information Literacy week from 16th October- 21st October of the various e-resources subscribed by the Chandigarh School of Business. During this week, the students were given practical hands-on training for using e-resources like EBSCO, Delnet, and Infotrac.
NDLI Awareness Program
The Library at CGC Jhanjeri organized an online National Digital Library of India Awareness Program for the students and faculty. Dr. Shivani Kaushal, Librarian (H.O.D.) provided the information and explained the benefits of using NDLI portal.
Staff Training Programs
The library staff at CGC Jhanjeri was provided Information retrieval skills in searching the information, consolidating the information using bibliographic databases and electronic journals, and finding information on the web. The library staff was satisfied with the hands-on training session.


Along with the books available in the library, students at CGC Jhanjeri can also go through and download a vast array of e-resources that are available here. Here is a list of e-resources that students at CGC Jhanjeri can access to.

List of E-Resources Subscribed

Sr. No. Name of E-Resources No. of Titles
1. Infotrac Engineering Sc. & Technology Collection 1378 nos. (read and download)
2. Infotrac Management Collection 1735 nos. (read and download)
3. Delnet E-Books | E-Journals: (Read & Download)
4. World eBook Library (WEL) 40 Lacs eBooks & millions of Journal Articles with Unlimited Access

List of E-Books Resources Open Access

Sr. No. Name of E-Books Open Access Descriptions Details
1. National Digital Library of India E-Books Resources E-Books: Read & Download
2. E-Books Resources E-Books: Read & Download
3. E-Books Resources E-Books: Read & Download
4. E-Books Resources E-Books: Read & Download
5. E-Books Resources E-Books: Read & Download
6. E-Books Resources E-Books: Read & Download
7. e-ShodhSindhu e-ShodhSindhu Higher Edu. Electronic Resouces
8. Shodhganga Shodganga Electronic Theses & Dissertations
9. Rare Books Society Rare Books Society E-Books: Read & Download
10. Library Catalog Online Library Catalog

List of E-Journals Resources Open Access

Sr. No. Name of E-Books Open Access Descriptions Details
1. E-Journals E-Books: Read & Download
2. E-Journals E-Books: Read & Download
3. E-Journals E-Books: Read & Download

List of Videos & Lectures

Sr. No. Name of Videos & Lectures Descriptions Details
1. NPTEL Videos & Lectures NPTEL E-Books: Read & Download
2. Vidya-Mitra: Videos & Lectures Vidya-Mitra E-Books: Read & Download

CGC Library Hours

Opening Timings: 8:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m

Circulation Timings: 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m