Attaining Business Excellence Through Bachelor of Business Administration Course Details

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a renowned full-time, three-year business degree. Management and entrepreneurial abilities are acquired by the students as a result. The course opens up a wide range of career choices in industries including marketing, finance, sales, human resources, etc.

Students can apply for a bachelor's degree in business management program after completing their 10+2 from a board that is recognized. A number of topics and market trends are covered in the Bachelor of Business Administration course details.

BBA Students

For students from all academic backgrounds, CGC Jhanjeri provides a wide variety of job prospects. Because there are so many chances in business across so many different industries, we can develop careers in the corporate world.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

A bachelor's degree in business administration (BBA) offers advanced knowledge in a variety of areas connected to leadership and management. Entrepreneurship, social behavior and conversational skills, personality development, marketing, accounting, human resources, and other topics are covered in the Bachelor of Business Administration course details. These classes teach students about a range of managerial and entrepreneurial topics.

A BBA program teaches the fundamentals of business management and professional skills. Along with providing instruction from the best academics in the area, our solid industry partnerships present several opportunities to further your practical training. The tuition fee for a BBA for the first semester is INR 40,600.

Admission to the BBA program is open to students from a variety of academic disciplines, including business, the arts, and science. For the Bachelor of Business Administration course details, you must have obtained your 10+2 qualification from an accredited board.

Skills Acquired During the BBA

After completing the Bachelor of Business Administration course details, candidates for the BBA degree acquire a broad range of hard and soft skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

  1. Understand challenging business problems and create practical answers using analytical abilities.
  2. Examples of leadership abilities include encouraging teamwork, resolving conflicts, and assuring productivity.
  3. Effective communication includes speaking, writing, and presentation skills.
  4. To solve issues, examine the situation and apply critical thinking.
  5. Make recommendations that are in the organization's most beneficial interest.

BBA Course Details

The following are a few Bachelor of Business Administration course details:

    1. Financial Accounting
    2. Macroeconomics
    3. Principles of Management
    4. Effective Communications
    5. Cost Accounting
    6. Banking and Insurance
    7. Human Behaviour & Ethics
    8. Operations Research
    9. Business Analytics
    10. Direct Tax & Indirect Tax
    11. Business Law
    12. Strategic Management
    13. Research Methodology
    14. Finance Electives
    15. Operations & Supply Chain Management
    16. Marketing Electives
    17. Advanced Financial Management
    18. Entrepreneurship and Business Plan

BBA Career Scope

With the completion of Bachelor of Business Administration course details from CGC Jhanjeri, the top BBA college in Mohali, you can pursue the following careers:

BBA graduates usually land jobs in management roles where they can lead teams, make strategic decisions, and oversee everyday operations.

BBA graduates can work in marketing and sales departments where they can do market research, create marketing strategies, manage advertising campaigns, and conduct sales operations.

Graduates of the BBA program can find employment in the human resources sector, managing employee relations as well as recruiting, onboarding, and development.

Students are ready to start their own businesses and explore entrepreneurship. They possess the skills necessary to identify market opportunities, draft business plans, and complete a number of startup-related duties.

Graduates of BBA programs with consulting expertise can assist firms with their strategy, operational, marketing, or human resource requirements.

You can pursue careers in corporate finance, financial analysis, investment banking, and accounting with a BBA.

An individual or organization that invests in mutual or exchange-traded funds is known as a portfolio manager. The Portfolio Manager oversees daily transactions and puts an investment strategy into action.

Security analysts are in charge of safeguarding against illegal access to digital assets owned by a corporation. In some cases, security analysts are also in charge of expanding security rules and producing IT reports.


Admissions Open

Bachelor of Business Administration admissions open at CGC Jhanjeri. After completing the Bachelor of Business Administration course details, students who have earned a degree are eligible for a wide range of employment opportunities. The demand for qualified businesses rises as India's economy develops. Its future is large and bright as a result of the careful planning and constant updating of the student's skills.


Q. What are the benefits of working in business administration?

Ans. For those who desire to pursue a management or business career after 10+2, a BBA is the best option for the development of leadership and management skills. Students will learn more about market demands and numerous global trends through the Bachelor of Business Administration course details. It also broadens job opportunities and enhances starting earnings for graduates.

Q. Which abilities and characteristics do employers value in BBA graduates?

Ans. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, effective interpersonal and communication skills, leadership potential, business acumen, adaptability, and a desire for education are qualities that employers look for in BBA graduates.

Q. After finishing the BBA program, is it possible for students to continue their education?

Ans. A BBA can be followed by an MBA or another post-graduate degree, allowing graduates to continue their studies. Because of this, there are more employment openings and better financial prospects right now.