Bachelor of Law: A Journey into the World of Justice

A Bachelor of Law, commonly known as an LLB degree, is a three-year law program. Students can be admitted to the best LLB colleges in Chandigarh after graduation from any stream, making it a sought-after choice for law admission in Punjab. It is an exciting career option for students who want to start their career in litigation or enter the judicial service.


The scope after LLB is vast. You can find a wide range of job opportunities that are rewarding and reputable at the same time. The job offers are generally based on the core subjects of the bachelor of law, such as constitutional law, criminal law, company law, family law, and more.

After completion of the LLB, the students can appear for AIBE. The complete form of AIBE is the All India Bar Examination. Once you clear the exam, you will receive the “certificate of practice”. With this certificate, you become eligible to practice in any court of law in India. Before practicing, you must register with the respected State Bar Councils as an Advocate. The pattern of AIBE consists of questions from undergraduate-level law studies. LLB admission fees range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per semester.

LLB eligibility criteria are simple. Candidates who have pursued bachelor's and master's degrees in any stream can be admitted to the LLB program. Many candidates have sought chartered accountancy, and company secretaries also follow the LLB program. Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri is one of the top LLB colleges in Punjab. The college prepares the candidate to understand the nuances of the law and apply them to different matters. You can get more information on LLB fees by visiting the official website of CGC Jhanjeri.

What is an LLB degree?

LLB, or Legum Baccalaureus, is a three-year bachelor of law degree offered by the best LLB colleges in Chandigarh. However, students can be admitted to this program after completing their graduation degree. The LLB degree offered at most of the top LLB colleges in Punjab is regulated and closely supervised by the Bar Council of India (BCI). 

The three-year LLB degree is designed so that it is divided into six semesters. The candidates will get an LLB degree only after clearing all the semesters. As part of an LLB degree offered at the best LLB colleges in Chandigarh, the candidates must take part in regular theory classes, moot courts, internships, and tutorial work.

Why LLB?

Taking admission in LLB program is one of the most fulfilling and versatile decisions you can make. A Bachelor of Law opens your gateway to a dynamic profession. Here are a few reasons why you should pursue an LLB degree:

Passion for Justice

Do you have a sense of right and wrong? If you pursue a bachelor's in law, then it will provide you with a structured way to channel your passion. It’s all about ensuring fairness and justice in society.

Diverse Career Opportunities

There are many career options apart from the traditional role of lawyer or advocate. You can start your career in corporate law, human rights, or politics.

Intellectual Challenge

The legal field is intellectually stimulating. You are required to have skills related to critical thinking and logical reasoning. 

Financial Rewards

The profession of a lawyer or advocate is quite lucrative. You can earn plenty of financial rewards during your journey.

Respected Profession

Throughout history, lawyers have been regarded as primary contributors to society. Your central role is to shape laws and ensure they’re properly applied.

Versatility of the degree

An LLB does not restrict you to the courtroom. The analytical and communication skills learned during the LLB degree are highly sought after in various fields. You can try your luck in business, public relations, and entertainment.

Direct Impact on Society

Lawyers play a pivotal role in societal change. You can drive reforms and influence public policy through landmark cases and legal advocacy.

Constant Learning

Laws evolve, and new ones emerge. This ensures that legal professionals always learn, keep up with changes, and adapt their knowledge.

Global Relevance

Laws might differ from country to country, but the foundational principles of justice and legal thinking have universal relevance. This allows for international career opportunities.

Personal Development

Studying law requires skills like negotiation, public speaking, and problem-solving. It shapes individuals into confident, articulate, and reasoned professionals.

Admissions Open at CGC Jhanjeri

Attention, aspiring lawyers and legal enthusiasts! Admissions open for the LLB program at CGC Jhanjeri. Eligibility criteria for the LLB program are that you must have Passed 10+2 from a recognized board (for integrated LL.B. courses) or Graduation for the 3-year LL.B. course. Specific percentage requirements might vary. An LL.B. from CGC Jhanjeri can lead you towards a successful legal career. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Secure your seat and take the first step into the exciting world of law.