What to do after class 12th? This question must be bothering students as much as the board exams. While a number of students must be very clear on which career they want to pursue, still there will be many who are still standing at the cross road of confusion.

In this article we share some food for thought on the career options that are available to Class 12th students after the board exam.

Career Options Available After 12th

Why taking career decision is so important?

Time is what makes this decision so important here. The career decision that you will take now will be with you for many years to come, if not for your entire life. There are a number of courses that have an upper age limit, so you will have to start your preparations now.

A career change is possible later on but it is a waste of time, efforts and money and you will start from zero again. Above all, the most productive years of your life are now, when you are young and energetic, not when you will be 40 plus years old.

Why taking career decision is so difficult?

Career options today are not just limited to doctor, engineer or chartered accountant, which was the case few years, but a wide variety of career options are there, for example professional photographer, graphic designer, ethical hackers, tea tasters and many others.

Unfortunately, here lies the problem, with so many options available and each being so interesting and lucrative; it often becomes difficult for students to decide which one to chose and which to leave. So, which career is most suitable for you?

At the end of the day, everything depends on the personal interest of the student to zero-in on a career option. Think of what fascinates you? Do you like playing with numbers or you have an artistic bend of mind? Where you like spending majority of your time without getting tired? Chose a career that answers these questions.

Career Choice – A Curse or a Blessing?

The majority of career decisions are made not on the basis of interest but what the industrial market say or what family and friends say. Deciding on the basis of what is trending at present or will be in few years to come is not a good idea to begin.

Soon you will lose interest in what you are doing and will lack creativity or dedication towards your study or profession. Lack of dedication will ultimately hamper your progress in the career. Whether a career choice will turn out to be a curse or blessing depends on how much interested you are in making a career in that field.

Selecting the Right Graduation Course?

With so many options available creating so much confusing, let’s do some bifurcation to make things easier for you. First, there are three broad classifications of career streams i.e. engineering, medical science and arts. Most of the career fields come under these three streams.

Under engineering, there is Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. In case you don’t have any interest in pursuing a career in engineering, than there are a number of non-medical career options available.

12th pass out students can enrol for Bachelor of Science in various fields such as agriculture, animation and multimedia, fashion technology, food technology, nutrition & diabetics, and medical laboratory science, among others. All of these courses have promising outlook and professionals in them can command high salary package.

The demand for professionals in the technical fields mentioned above is ever increasing and provided a student pursue it with dedication than it turn out to be very fruitful and satisfying. If you want to have complete details on any of the courses mentioned above feel free to contact Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri.

If managing people is what you like doing than you should go for Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration. Pursuing a career in managerial field is highly fruitful as well and is suitable for those who don’t like technical or engineering fields.

There is option available to pursue Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication for those who have an outgoing personality and love to communicate with different people. With the ever changing world of mass communication and the influx of social media, the demand for journalist is ever increasing.


Making the right career choice is both tough and easy. If your career goals are clear and you decide to go according to your interests than the path will be simple. However, if you get into a field just because your friends or relatives suggested you, then you will find it difficult to make your mark in there.