Future Demand & Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Professionals

The future job prospect for mechanical engineers is expected to grow by nearly 10 percent in the next decade till 2030, which is as good as any other occupation. There is a demand for mechanical engineers in almost every industry and on different types of projects, which does affect the growth rate of the engineers working therein. Companies continue to contract work from these firms which has resulted in the faster than average growth rate of mechanical engineers in every field. For example, in automotive companies, there will be a continuous demand for mechanical engineers to fulfill the need to create better performance hybrid cars.

New work opportunities will also be created by various fields in alternative energies and nanotechnology wherein they are required to manipulate matter at the tiniest levels. Nanotechnology will play an important role in making things better in the field such as healthcare and in coming out with powerful and efficient computer chips. The job prospects for mechanical engineers are expected to be good and will remain so for many years to come. Professionals who have been trained in the latest software tools have considerable growth prospects. These engineers are involved in taking a project from its conceptual phase to the final finished product, reducing or completely nullifying the need for prototypes.

Job Profile of Mechanical Engineers

Various types of mechanical and thermal sensors and devices are designed, developed, and built by mechanical engineers, including engines, tools, and machines. Some of the job duties that are being performed by mechanical engineers are as follow –

Mechanical and thermal devices are analyzed to find out a solution to particular problems. Diagnose faulty operations and recommend solutions by investigating the failure of equipment and the difficulties faced by them. Prototypes of devices are also tested by mechanical engineers to find out their efficiency and overall performance. Among the various engineering fields, Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest, as they are involved in the design and look after the manufacturing of numerous products that range from new batteries to medical devices. Different types of power-producing machines, such as internal combustion engines, electric generators, steam and gas turbines are also being designed by mechanical engineers.

Various types of material handling systems such as automated transfer stations and conveyor systems, machines that are used inside buildings such as elevators and escalators are also being designed and developed by mechanical engineers. Routine monitoring and integration of controllers, sensors, and machinery are also being taken care of by them. With the advent of computer technology, much of the analysis tasks of mechanical engineers are being performed by software such as running simulations and generate different types of specifications for parts. From all this, it can be seen that mechanical engineers have a wide variety of jobs and those who want to make a career in this field have a bright future ahead of them.

Qualification and Important Qualities to Become a Successful Mechanical Engineer

If you want to become a mechanical engineer, you need to enroll yourself in a bachelor degree program, it can be either B.E. and B.Tech. Both the types of degrees have certain similarities and differences, with the previous one more academically inclined and the latter giving more emphasis on the practical aspect of the subject. As a mechanical engineering student, you may be studying subjects such as mathematics and physical sciences along with basic engineering and design. The internship is an important part of engineering and enables students to understand the practical aspect of learning. The majority of the colleges offer a four-year degree course, for example, you can pursue your B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri. Besides pursuing a formal degree, a student needs to have some qualities to make a successful career as a Mechanical Engineer.

Listening Skills – as an ME one will be required to have good listening skills as you will be required to work with different departments. They will be required to analyze different approaches and need to interact with numerous people.

Creativity – regardless of how good is your technical skills, you still need to think out of the box. This means a certain level of creativity or the ability to think out of the box is required on the part of the professional in this field.

Ability to Solve Problems – good problem-solving skills are also required on the part of the mechanical engineer to be successful. One should be able to use both analytical and creative skills to find the best result for a problem.

Mechanical Skills – Implementing the theoretical concept is an important part of the engineering profession and acquiring mechanical skills is a must. With B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) degree program from CGC Jhanjeri, you will acquire all the things.

Why Pursue Mechanical Engineering Degree from CGC Jhanjeri?

First thing first, regardless of the college you enroll in for your mechanical engineering degree program, you should complete it with total dedication and have a thorough understanding and command of the concepts related to the profession. A degree is only as good as the amount of knowledge you have about the profession because a degree can get you the job, but when it comes to performing your duties in the profession, your technical expertise will be put to test here. It is a proper justification for the time, effort, and money that you will be putting in to acquire your degree. Show seriousness during your studies when you are in college as it is the matter of your whole life.

At Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, you will get the best of the study environment and infrastructure to study and acquire the skills about the profession. In the past nine years since the college has started operating thousands of students have been helped in establishing themselves in the various renowned profession. More than 700 companies have come here during campus placement with more than 6700 placement offers given by them and the average salary package has been 7 LPA. The college has well-equipped laboratories where students can experiment with what they have learned theoretically. World-class auditorium, spacious and well-equipped hostels, banking facility inside the campus, and many other infrastructure set-ups are some of the distinct features of this college. At CGC Jhanjeri, we hold the promise to change your life for good and turn you into a highly competent professional.

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