Is Mass Communication a Good Career Option? Future Demands and Job Opportunities

Journalism and Mass Communication

The world is an exciting place to live in today when we talk in the context of media and communications. Thanks to the introduction of digital media, the field of mass communication has a global relevance in world dynamics these days. The industry is experiencing global acceptance, even though a slow start was observed in the beginning when we compare it with other industries. So the big question is – is mass communication a good career option? We try to answer this question in this article.

What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication, which can also be termed as “communication media”, refers to the means of collecting and delivering information. Traditional media such as radio and television still hold their importance even though a paradigm shift has been seen because of the dawn of the digital age. The world has become even smaller and accessible than ever before. This has become all the more beneficial for the world of mass communication as a whole.

Reasons for Studying Mass Communication

If you are searching for reasons to consolidate your decision to study mass communication then these pointers will certainly help you –

  1. This course of study is aligned with the demand of the world today – every living being has the intrinsic habit to know what all is happening around him or her. With just a click you can roam the entire world and can get to know what is happening in any corner of this globe.
  2. You can choose from an array of modules – if you pursue a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication you will not only get the best of theoretical education but practical exposure as well. You can conduct research that interests you more and incorporate it into your curriculum.
  3. It encompasses a multi-cultural environment – People from diverse fields converge to become a journalist and those who want to learn new things can find it an interesting platform. You will get to meet people from different ethnicity and communities.

Career Options available Mass Communication Degree

Many people believe that a degree in journalism and mass communication limits your career options, but this belief is a total myth. Talking about the diversity of options available, here is a list of the career options available after completing a mass communication degree from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri.

  1. Media Planner: These people are engaged in coming out with action plans that help in an advertising campaign. They come out with media platforms that are appropriate and beneficial for carrying out a promotional campaign for a product or service.
  2. Radio Broadcaster: This may be an age-old media profession, the charm of radio broadcasting has not gone away. The primary role of a news broadcaster is to deliver news that is related to current affairs such as politics, music, entertainment, etc.
  3. Filmmaking: It is, without doubt, one of the most sought after and highly interesting career options, the world of filmmaking is one of the most glamorous fields one can get into. By filmmaking, we are here talking about short films, documentaries, advertisements, etc.
  4. Public Relations Manager: a job role of a public relations officer is to build and sustain the image of a company by carrying out PR activities and planned media activities.
  5. Multimedia specialist: The design and creation of IT-based multimedia products are taken care of by a multimedia specialist. They are engaged in designing video games, websites, etc.

What are the requirements from the course to become a Journalist or Media Professional?

In the Indian scenario, obtaining a degree is the first step towards making a career in the field of journalism. A good first step is to enroll for a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication degree from CGC Jhanjeri. A degree from a reputed college is a must to enter this field.

The job of a journalist is to keep the public informed about the current, relevant, and important news. It is also about telling stories that are of interest to humans that offer unique perspectives, reporting on local events, and delivering scoops. Many times journalists are required to interview famous, interesting, and strange people, hunt down facts.

Above all, a good journalist is unbiased and impartial, this may involve understanding both sides of public debates, tough questions, and make sure every issue is being presented fairly and clearly. As we are discussing the requirements to become a successful media professional or journalist, let’s put forward some startling facts –

The competition is tough and there is no shortage of extraordinarily talented and highly educated workers. Many people who enter this field are qualified and saturates the market, this, in turn, lowers the minimum wage that is being offered by employers. It should be mentioned here that as a journalist you should be prepared for inconsistent and unpredictable working hours.

There is a considerable amount of danger involved in this field as a journalist will have to be there at the scene of the accident, protest, or arrest. Many times reporters are also asked to cover up natural disasters, war zones, and pandemics. If you are planning to make a career in this field you should take this aspect into account.

One thing that you should check within yourself is whether you are a natural writer or not. You should ask some questions with yourself, as to whether you are presentable or not. You should also decide whether you want to go in broadcast journalism or written journalism, however, in the past few years, there is little difference between the two.

Why pursue Bachelor of Art in Journalism and Mass Communication from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri?

To being things, at CGC Jhanjeri you will be studying at one of the most reputed colleges in North India that are known for its excellent academics and remarkable placement. A distinct niche has been carved out by the college all because of its exemplary work in the field of higher education.

Thousands of students have been placed in some of the most reputed companies with commanding pay packages. Students at CGC Jhanjeri are known to excel academically and have filed several patents. The exhaustive practical exposure and elaborative industrial visits of students make them industry-ready as they pass out.

Admission in Bachelor of Technology in Journalism and Mass Communication college at Chandigarh will provide the student everything that is needed to make a successful career in this field. If you want to make a strong and stable career in the field of multimedia then you should be at CGC-J.