The increasing digitization is a frequent victim of cyber-attacks where much sensitive data is at risk. According to the information given by the government in parliament, India saw approximately 1.16 million cyber attacks in 2020, with a median of 3,137 cyber security incidents recorded every day of the year. B.Sc. Cyber Security is a course that makes you well-learned in handling cyber-attacks by providing security to vulnerable data on the network and maintaining its integrity. Also, you learn various techniques to safeguard data through ethical hacking, recognising and stopping attacks, application security, and much more.

The BSc Cyber Security course is a 3-year program that teaches cyber security management, incident response, and security threat assessment, making the students a professional in the cyber security domain. B.Tech in (CSE) is a four-year undergraduate course specializing in computer programming languages and computer system technologies. BSc Cyber Security is designed to provide candidates with the necessary computer application, research and development, and computer programming abilities.

After completing your B.Sc. in Cyber Security from the top Bsc College in Punjab , you can choose between working as a professional or starting your own business. B.Sc in Cyber Security graduates have vast opportunities to begin careers in a booming technology field. The job roles of cyber security professionals revolve around three main tasks - identifying the potential risks, keeping tight security of software programs, and minimising the security attacks. Data is an integral part of all the fields and thus requires professionals to safeguard it. Both public and private sectors offer great career opportunities with fat salary packages in this domain. Incident manager, network security engineer, chief information security engineer, security architect, etc., are a few job roles in this field.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges- jhanjeri is one of the Best BSC Colleges for Bsc in cyber Security In Chandigarh. B.Sc. Cyber security creates professionals responsible for keeping valuable digital data under tight security by implementing robust digital solutions. The data in the Government departments are the most sensitive data that needs the highest protection where not even a single security attack can be tolerated. Security solutions with precision and analytical thinking are the backbone of these security systems, and thus there is a great and flourishing career for cyber security professionals in government departments. Cyber security analysts, cryptographers, penetration testers, incident managers, and professionals with core competencies in a particular data security technology get higher salary packages and a soaring career in Government departments.

B.Sc. Cyber security is more beneficial than B.Tech (CSE) as it consumes three years, whereas B.Tech (CSE) will take four years to complete your degree. Nowadays, B.Sc. Cyber security has more demand due to more cyber-related cases in the world. Hence, the need for Cybersecurity graduates has risen.