From Code to Chain: Understanding Blockchain for BTech CSE

B.Tech CSE Blockchain, a four-year undergraduate program, is designed to help students understand blockchain technology's fundamental ideas and application. Blockchain is a type of digital technology that stores information and digital assets as structures.

Scope of BTech cse blockchain

Candidates who have attained minimum 50% marks in 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics as their compulsory subjects along with Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, or Computer Science from a recognized board are eligible. Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Architect, Blockchain Business Analyst, Cryptocurrency Developer, and Blockchain Solution Architect are some career prospects after completing BTech cse blockchain.

The most prestigious BTech CSE BLockchain College in Punjab, CGC Jhanjeri, provides the information and skills they need to succeed as blockchain technology leaders.

Scope of BTech CSE Blockchain as a Job Role

A blockchain enthusiast can consider a number of career paths. Let us look at the scope of BTech cse blockchain program:

Blockchain Developer

The demand for blockchain developers who can assist companies in exploring blockchain technologies is enormous. Nowaday, becoming well-known in these booming industries is one of the most popular professional path people choose.

Blockchain developers are computer programmers who design blockchain-based systems and architecture. Before taking the job role of a blockchain developer, you must have prior knowledge of languages like Python, C++, and Javascript. The salary of a blockchain developer varies between INR 3 LPA - INR 19 LPA with an average salary of 6 - 7 LPA.

Cryptocurrency Developer

A digital asset called cryptocurrency is used to conduct transactions securely. Programmers with programming language knowledge work as cryptocurrency developers. Some of the currencies of cryptocurrency developers include testing the application, updating the application with the knowledge of blockchain technology, and making it user-friendly to the user. The average salary of a cryptocurrency developer is between INR 5 LPA - INR 18 LPA.

Blockchain Solution Architect

The responsibility of blockchain solution architects is creating, allocating, and connecting the various components of blockchain falls. They are highly skilled in user experience, design, network administration, and IT management. Their job is to implement end-to-end blockchain solutions. The salary of a blockchain solution architect varies from INR 18 LPA - INR 45 LPA with an average salary of INR 28 LPA.

Blockchain UX Designer

The front end of the projects has evolved into a crucial sector due to the adoption of blockchain technology. The responsibility of a blockchain designer is to provide a user-friendly interface that demonstrates trust and transparency to the users. The skills required for this role include creativity, keen attention to detail, and hardworking. After completing BTech cse blockchain, the salary of a Blockchain UX Designer is INR 14 LPA - INR 20 LPA. The average salary of a Blockchain UX Designer is INR 16 LPA.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

A quality assurance engineer is always present in the development environment to test and ensure that each component of the project complies with the necessary quality standards. The quality engineer plays a similar role in the blockchain system. In this job role, technical skills and communication efficiency play a major role. Blockchain Quality Engineer’s salary pay is between INR 3 LPA - INR 25 LPA with an average salary of INR 6 - 7 LPA.

Why Should You Opt For A Career in Blockchain?

Blockchain helps in optimizing processes, enhancing transparency, increasing speed, and reducing costs to enhance data integrity and streamline operations. There are many job opportunities available after BTech cse blockchain technology to which many US-based companies have switched or will switch to. Here are some of the reasons why a career in blockchain is beneficial for you:

Increasing job opportunities

The job opportunities in this sector are increasing rapidly. There is a yearly increase of 300-500% in job opportunities. Also, career prospects in the US are in high demand. Blockchain offers various remote jobs and you can work from any art of the world.

Become ready for the future

Most jobs are automated by machines and AI and technology are rapidly changing the world. Blockchain offers the most promising career opportunities and is the future of the internet.

Fewer Competitors

BTech cse blockchain is still in the research phase. Businesses from a variety of sectors are still using the technology. This indicates that there are fewer developers operating in the area. Since the technology wasn’t fully developed before 2016, so there are fewer blockchain developers to date.

High Incomes

Salary levels in the software industry are determined by supply and demand. The supply of blockchain software developers is less as compared to the demand. The pay for the blockchain industry is on the higher side.

Admissions Open at CGC Jhanjeri

Admissions open at CGC, Jhanjeri for the BTech CSE Blockchain course. The CSE Blockchain program at this campus ensures hands-on assignments in programming, networking, data structuring, and other areas making CGC, Jhanjeri as one of the best institutes in computer science.


Q: What is the duration of the course BTech CSE Blockchain?

A: BTech CSE Blockchain is a 4-year undergraduate program.

Q: What are the various job roles offered to the graduates after completion of BTech CSE Blockchain?

A: After completion of BTech CSE Blockchain, graduates are offered various job roles:

  1. Blockchain Developer
  2. Blockchain Architect
  3. Blockchain Business Analyst
  4. Cryptocurrency Developer
  5. Blockchain Solution Architect

Q: Which companies are the top recruiters of graduates of CSE Blockchain?

A: The top recruiters of graduates of CSE Blockchain are:

  1. Microsoft
  2. IBM
  3. VISA
  4. Deloitte
  5. Amazon

Q: Is there a bright scope of BTech cse blockchain?

A: Graduates of cse blockchain earn a good amount in the initial years. But after a few years of experience, they get a tremendous hike in salaries.