Merging Minds and Machines: Scope of B.Tech in Robotics and AI

Do you have a passion for technology and want to work as an engineer? If yes, it's time to start moving in the direction of realizing your goals! Future experts with a deeper understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence are expected to be created through a career-oriented course developed by Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri. The institute integrates all crucial elements of learning to equip its students for the continuously changing demands of global technology.

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Candidates must have completed 10+2 with Physics and Chemistry as the compulsory subjects along with Mathematics Sciences or Biotechnology from a recognized board for admission in B.Tech in Robotics and AI. Some of the colleges also require JEE or PTU CET entrance exam scores. The candidates have a wide range of scope in fields like nanotechnology, defense, research, manufacturing, energy sector.

What is B.Tech in Robotics and AI?

AI and Robotics is a branch of computer science engineering that focuses on the development of resourceful final products and heavily relies on the artificial intelligence principle. The duration of the B.Tech in Robotics and AI undergraduate course is 4 years. Candidates who find the concept of robotic mechanics fascinating are best suited for this course.

Robotics and AI is a unique career path that can lead you to success. Today there is growing concern over the fact that due to the increase in the scope of B.Tech in Robotics and AI, it is going to snatch away existing jobs. We cannot change the course of progress but we can adapt ourselves with the changing nature of the job world. True that AI and robotics are going to replace many jobs, AI itself will need development, maintenance, and sales. Robotics and AI courses are therefore going to be a lifesaver in the future.

Scope of B.Tech in Robotics and AI

In India, Robotics and AI engineering is viewed as a high-end job. Robotics and AI engineering may work in manufacturing plants, labs, hospitals, mines, the automation industry, the life sciences, aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, etc. Both the gaming sector and manufacturing facilities have a high demand for Robotics and AI engineers. Candidates with strong merit records may land prominent positions in research organizations like ISRO and NASA.

Here are some of the popular scope of B.Tech in Robotics and AI available for a candidate:

Software Development Engineer

As a Software Development Engineer, you will be responsible for writing algorithms and programming codes for better robotics applications and programming the equipment.

Robot Design Engineers

You will be responsible for designing, developing, maintaining, and devising blueprints of robots and laying out the plan of the prototype as well as providing technical support in debugging the robot program. You can work on robot control systems, machine vision, robotic perception, and autonomous navigation.

AI Programmer and Developer

As an AI Programmer and Developer, you will be creating intelligent algorithms, machine learning models, and neural networks. You can work on performing tasks such as natural language, processing, computer vision, data analysis, and recommendation systems.

Aerospace Robotics Engineer

Aerospace Robotics Engineer is typically responsible for the definition, design, production, supervision, and control of aviation and aerospace products. They are free to decide whether the technological idea can be implemented or not.

Automated Product Designer

An Automated Product Designer's duties involve incorporating all the code and algorithms into an automated framework and conducting tests.

Senior Robotics Experts

Senior Robotics identifies problems with robotic systems and communications, diagnoses them, and creates solutions to keep the robotic systems automated.

Process Engineer

Process engineers analyze designs, carry out tests, and enhance systems. Additionally, he or she is in charge of designing and streamlining the entire process.

Quality Engineers

Quality engineers work on setting up the layout, raw materials, and quality control system needed while designing a robot. They oversee and improve efforts to increase quality.

Smart Home and Consumer Robotics

There is a demand for experts who can create intelligent systems for home automation, personal assistants, and domestic robots.

Research and Development

Robotics and AI present numerous prospects for study. You can go into academia or work in labs performing research and development to advance robotics and AI technology.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

As robotics and AI develop, there is a rising demand for experts who can handle the ethical, legal, and societal consequences. Designing moral frameworks, formulating rules for AI governance, and guaranteeing ethical AI use are all aspects of careers in this area.

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Robotics and AI offer prospects for entrepreneurship. You can establish your own business and create cutting-edge robotic systems, and AI solutions, or provide consultancy services in these fields are all included in the scope of B.Tech in Robotics and AI.

Admissions open

Admissions Open at CGC Jhanjeri for B.Tech in Robotics and AI where you will experience cutting-edge instruction, cutting-edge infrastructure, and industry-driven learning. To prepare for a career in robotics and AI, acquiring a strong foundation in mathematics, programming, computer science, and engineering is crucial to secure your future in the exciting fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.


Q: Is there a good scope for B.Tech in Robotics and AI in the future?

A: A career in Robotics and AI is rewarding as it combines elements of engineering, computer science, and technology. The candidates have a variety of career options in software development, logistics, engineering, and coding programs. It can open doors to luxurious job prospects, career development, and technological achievements.

Q: What are the various job roles that are offered to a candidate after a B.Tech in Robotics and AI?

A: The various job roles that are offered to a candidate are Robotics Technicians, Robotics Programmers, Quality Assurance Technicians, Robotics Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Project Engineers, R&D Engineers, Software Development Engineers, Senior Robotics Specialists, Robotics Programmer, robotics Technicians, and others.

Q: Who are the top recruiters of Robotics and AI engineers?

A: Some of the top recruiters of Robotics and AI engineers are TATA, DRDO, BARC, DiFACTO, Tech Mahindra, Kuka Robotics, etc.