The role of artificial intelligence in the future of education

The present-day generation has everything at its fingertips. From learning new things to entertainment, from playing games to watching live sports and all other activities are present within seconds. This fast-paced life with almost everything a click away is a new transformed way of living where technology is the backbone. At present, the soul of this technology-laden life is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is now an integral part of education, planning, exploring, entertainment, business, healthcare and almost every single thing that facilitates better and streamlined living.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer-based technology that mimics human intelligence to perform various tasks with perfection. The subsets of Artificial Intelligence - machine learning, natural language processing, expert systems, predictive analytics, machine vision, deep learning, neural networks and speech recognition form a strong foundation for various types of solutions in vivid domains. The huge popularity of artificial intelligence is due to the fact that it actually works wonders in solving simple as well as highly complex problems. The main fundamental behind this technology is trained algorithms that instigate huge volumes of data to find the most optimal solution. Once the right solution is delivered and reported, it is fed as the appropriate answer and further data analytics is performed accordingly for similar future queries. This continuous process makes systems robust and more intelligent with time. So, a self-learning algorithm is thus created by software developers and incorporated into various systems of practical use by humans. Have you ever tried chatting on a website or any business account? Most of these have AI-powered chatbots that communicate with you to answer like a human and provide you with the solution in the best possible way through the data fed into it. The developers of AI algorithms are well-learned IT professionals who have a keen interest in technology. The popular programming languages used to code these algorithms are Python, Lisp, C++, Prolog, R, JAVA and JavaScript.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The last few years have seen a major transformation in the field of technology with artificial intelligence being adopted in various fields. In the field of education, AI is considered a powerful tool in:

  • Raising the standard of education
  • Enrolling more students in higher education
  • Simplification of administrative work
  • Increasing the resources for references
  • Identifying weaker areas in the current education system
  • Easy and 24/7 access to various learning resources
  • Acknowledging the dropout ratio
  • Assistance to teachers
  • Making learning interesting and simplified
  • Achieving student-specific learning goals

These value-adding parameters of artificial intelligence are very important to pace the education system to meet future demands. According to a report, the global education market could be worth $20 by the year 2027. Another survey states that AI-powered education in India would reach beyond $2 Billion by the year 2023. Adding to this is a big achievement by India in the field of AI for ranking at the top in the Global Vibrancy Ranking for Talent Concentration, Relative AI Skill Penetration and AI Hiring Index. Many educational groups and institutions in India have already incorporated artificial intelligence in maintaining academic records and teaching students through means of AI. For this, the students have also been introduced to the concept of AI as per their age of understanding. Mostly, the Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools and schools affiliated with CBSE/IB have AI as a part and parcel of their education system in India. Apart from schools, higher education institutions in India are also stepping forward to incorporate AI in their education system to make the students meet future expectations. At Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri, state-of-art global education in various fields is provided with the latest technological methodologies and curriculum. Through years of expertise in dispensing education, the college has incorporated several industry-standard programs to foster professional education. Ranked among the top colleges in India, Chandigarh Group Of Colleges Jhanjeri continues to create brilliant future professionals who are ready for the future. In the field of education, AI is incorporated through the following:

    • Robotics
    • Chatbots
    • Virtual Reality
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in Education


Artificial Intelligence is surely a revolutionizing technology that is ready to transform the way education is dispensed. Smarter modes of education and decentralized study material are promising ways of learning through a dynamic approach. This promising technology is already making rounds and providing a ray of hope for better future education through technology.


The use of robots in place of teachers is never a good idea. Though the technology leaders assure that robots will only assist the teachers and not replace them, many teachers fear that the implementation of this technology will take away their jobs. The teacher-student bond can only be achieved in humans and this is what adds to the holistic development of the students in their learning years.

The Inference:

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a booming technology, but technology comes with its pros and cons. It is always judicious to understand both aspects and then take a final decision in implementing the technology. With all the good vibes around for AI, it is mostly considered a wonderful partner in the field of education that helps foster interactions, saves time, provides flexible learning schedules, a wide spectrum of solutions and a student-friendly environment that tops the charts. As far as faculty is concerned, it is important to provide them confidence and job security while introducing them to the advantages that the technology brings for them. With 24/7 assistance to teachers and students, AI pours in a lot of value that helps the students to achieve their learning goals with the best-in-class education. For a future with adept professionals, it is vital to incorporate AI. The advantages of this technology incorporated in the learning years of today’s youth shall provide the top-grade education with practiced and well-acquired details in the subject. A profound base created in this way is the right direction towards a better future that has ample to explore and implement in various domains.