Top 15 Tips to Help You Survive in Your First Year

Everything is completely new during the transition period from school to college. You enter an entirely new environment. Now, you have a new kind of education and, more importantly, professors instead of teachers. You don’t have any clue how your new college will be. The schedule of a college is entirely different from that of a school. In this blog, we will share some practical tips to overcome these roadblocks and start a smooth journey in your life.

college life at cgc jhanjeri

1. Organize your schedule

In college, you will find that the teaching methods are entirely different from those at your previous school. Therefore, we suggest you organize your schedule to complete assignments and practical work on time.

2. Relax yourself

Don’t panic! As you adjust to the school, similarly, you will cope with the new environment of your college. There is no need to exhaust yourself while planning to complete your tasks on time. We suggest you take little breaks while scheduling your work. If you don’t get fresh ideas, don’t worry. You can take a rest for some time and plan again.

3. Avoid distraction

We have seen students get distracted while doing any task. Make sure that you’re fully focused while completing your college assignments. CGC Jhanjeri is North India’s fastest-growing institute that provides course-specific training to students.

4. Learn new things

Use your free time to explore new things on the internet. You can have group discussions with your classmates who are from distinct backgrounds. If you are new to Chandigarh, you can explore new places around you. The college days are the best time to grasp as much as possible.

5. Connect with your professors

You can form life-long relationships with your professors. During the first year, it is essential to talk with your professors. This will help you build a rapport with them. You will receive some personal tips to tackle your college fears.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Whether it’s your classmates, professors, or even staff, don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. This will help you form close relationships with the people around you. More importantly, you will equip yourself with valuable resources.

7. Sleep well

It is seen that most of the students spend time on mobile phones. Gadgets like laptops mostly surround them. So, sleeping 6 to 8 hours daily is imperative to performing well in their studies.

8. Have your ‘me’ time

You must complete plenty of assignments and other tasks in the first year. We understand that it is necessary to finish these assignments on time. But do not forget to spend time with yourself. ‘Me-time’ is very important. You must take time once or twice a week to do what you love the most.

9. Focus on your individuality

We’ve noticed that other students influence most students in the first year. We suggest you always be yourself without being submissive. You must hear everyone, but make the final decision yourself.

10. Make use of the college resources

CGC Jhanjeri has many facilities like a library, state-of-the-art laboratories, gyms, etc. You should use these facilities from the first year on and derive all the benefits.

11. Attend your classes every day

Whether you have traditional or online classes, showing up on time lets you get the most out of your course. The professor would be able to explain concepts better than textbooks. They may also add points that should be mentioned in the books. You also get a chance to clear your doubts in the classroom. Also, taking notes during the lecture is essential to better understanding the concepts taught in college.

12. Develop Your Communication Skills

Communicating between classmates and professors helps you understand the policies and procedures of your college. Don’t feel panicked about coming out of your comfort zone. If you’re facing any problems, please ask for help. Take all the measures necessary to improve your communication skills, whether oral or written.

13. Work on Your Reading Skills

Reading is essential in the first year of college. Sometimes you may need more college work. You can use this time to read a novel or review a new research paper. This skill will be helpful when reading small research papers and lesson plans.

14. Make and Follow a Budget

You will need money every year to buy food, books, and even tickets. To avoid being penniless, we suggest you make a budget. You can track your spending through a mobile application. When your first month ends, follow all the places you have spent money. This will give you a better understanding of your monthly spending and, accordingly, help you plan a budget.

15. Make New Friends

Colleges are for more than just studying. This is a place where you can make life-long friendships. It is essential to socialize with your classmates. Take some time before deciding who will be your best friend. Hang out with groups and classmates as much as you can. This will help you determine which classmates have similar interests.