Why I Opt Computer Science Engineering in My Undergraduate

The world is in a constant state of gearing up with the latest technology that improvises the way of living for all. As a 90s kid, I do remember the transition from black and white to coloured television, from landline to mobile phones, from 2G to 4G and every other thing around me. I have always been fascinated by the way  technology evolved and brought in a complete makeover of mankind. 

My first practical experience of technology came when I used a computer for the very first time. This was the moment that made me realize that there is no end to bringing your thoughts into technology and making wonders happen. As I grew, so did my interest in computer science. 

Computer science is a boundless field that drives almost every industry and is making processes faster, safer and reliable. The ongoing era of technology revolves specifically around computer science and solutions provided by it. Well, It’s not just about how to operate computers; instead, computer science engineering is a wider spectrum of various fields and prospects where computer science and engineering is applied. Do you know that your fully automatic washing machine works perfectly for the given instructions, just because it has been programmed(a set of software instructions)? So, it's computer science that is behind all the powerful systems and processes.

Computer Science Engineering - The power to you

Planning an undergraduate course is one of the most difficult tasks in initializing your career path. It is vital for every engineering aspirant to choose a stream that is of his/her interest and then pursue it with passion. As you choose your field of study, you also need to find a top college that shall help you shape your dreams in a better way. If your choice for engineering is CSE, you can choose Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri. CGC Jhanjeri is the best CSE college in Mohali, Punjab and Chandigarh.

Computer Science engineering is an amalgam of computer software and hardware, with study of various technologies evolving from them. Basically, computer software is all about writing algorithms, coding the logic and delivering it for a particular technology. On the other hand, computer hardware consists of studying about various parts of a computer, and later researching, developing and testing them. 

As a computer science engineer, you never have to look back as

  1. Computer science is there in every process and entity.
  2. It gives you a robust skill set that helps you work on simple as well as complex problems.
  3. With CSE, you can be an innovator by utilizing your knowledge into research and providing some real-time solutions.
  4. As a computer science engineer, you are great at logical thinking, which in turn brings some out of the box solutions for the most complex problems.
  5. There are wide opportunities open for you, and you can choose to go in for the one that satisfies you as a professional.
  6. The field of computers stays among the highest-paid jobs in many domains.
  7. Computer science is here to stay forever, and you just need to evolve yourself as an updated professional.

This field has a lot of potential and according to your area of interest, you can get the most lucrative career opportunities on your way. The most recent technological scenario is of continuous upgradation to the newest technologies and adopting the faster and better solutions. To this, there are many advanced computer science technologies that are being adopted by all the industries. These include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Blockchain
  3. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  4. Edge Computing
  5. Robotics
  6. Quantum Computing
  7. IoT(internet of things)
  8. IOB(internet of behaviour)
  9. Big Data Analytics
  10. Cloud Computing
  11. Cyber Security
  12. Intelligent apps
  13. 5G

Though computers are a vast field where future technology cannot be predicted, it is one of the most popular choices as an undergraduate program. Many computer aspirants began their career path by choosing it at their undergraduate and are today working as top-notch professionals in the most attractive job profiles. 

Finally, it all comes together with your hard work and the best guides who shape your future with their experience and expertise. The computer science engineering colleges in Punjab cater to all your knowledge needs that are must for you to become adept in what you do.