Why you should Opt Computer Engineering as a Career Objective

Computer science is the leading technology that is driving the world today. Undoubtedly, computer science technology continuously strives to make the world better with innovations that revolutionize human lives.

Today’s digital era is all run by computer science solutions that work on precise details to give the most optimal solutions that stay robust. The computer science graduates pick out a stream of their choice that lets them deep dive into their field of interest and provides them ample growth opportunities. Though hardwork and reluctance play a vital role, the value of good education from the best Computer Application Engineering College in India can not be ignored.

The present-day students are well-versed with tons of data and information floating over various digital platforms. Choosing the right course, identifying an area of interest and determining the professional journey is all set by them, much before they even write down an entrance exam. This crucial platform building plan plays an integral role in deciding the course to take up. Many engineering aspirants get attracted towards computer engineering as this is the most promising and valued course. Moreover, a survey says that the jobs for computer science graduates is projected to grow at a faster pace(around 11% increase) than other streams during the ongoing course and till the year 2029. This is for sure a significant growth!

Besides this, the computer science engineering course has many other significant pros that can not be ignored. The field of computer science continues to grow with the latest innovations and discoveries that makes the magnification of a career an infinite journey.

Some of the most promising reasons to choose computer science are:

Perfect blend of hard work and rewards: It provides huge career opportunities that require you to pour in hard work and get rewarding career profiles. Almost all the IT companies work with the most well planned structure that makes employees enjoy what they do. Attractive remuneration, perks, work-life balance, growth prospects, a conducive learning environment, research and development opportunities, and global interaction are just a few of the facilities that computer science graduates can enjoy while they earn. To this, the corporate sector works continuously in giving its employees the most privileged services like health insurance, legal support, health care packages, etc.

Global prospects: The digitization centric processes are spread all over the world with no bounds. The top-most IT companies have headquarters in one country and other offices in rest parts of the world, from where they operate and perform dedicated operations. This gives a wide spectrum of opportunities to computer science graduates to work anywhere in the world and fulfill their dreams with global interactions.

Extends to all domains: Apart from being a lucrative career option, computer science engineering has boundless possibilities. It is universally known that computer science graduates work in almost all types of industries, be it architecture, automobile, designing, manufacturing or research. Every industrial and non-industrial process requires computer engineers to perform different types of tasks. This makes the demand for computer professionals immense, with specializations in different domains and technologies.

Lucrative salary: Booming career with fat salary packages is the latest trend in the corporate sector. The talented and expert professionals have immense opportunities where they get big fat salaries and many other facilities to stay satisfied with their job. At present, the companies spend huge amounts of money on making their employees feel happy and relaxed while they work and therefore make sure to keep them attached to the organization. On the flip side, other companies are ready to pay more with more elaborate perks to hire experienced computer professionals who could add value to their organisation.So the more you learn, the better you earn! For freshers, what matters the most while looking to be hired is their learnings. CGC Jhanjeri ranks among the top Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Chandigarh that provides a holistic learning curriculum to make its students well-resourced with the latest technologies and competent to handle real-time complex problems. Also, the industry-tie up program at the college attracts top corporate groups to participate in on-campus recruitment drives every year.

Soaring career in both private and public sectors: So, it’s not just the private sector that provides career opportunities. As all other domains, the public sector too has immense openings for computer science graduates at various levels and departments. Some of the popular government sector jobs are - CDAC, SAIL, CIL, DRDO, ECIL, BEL, HEC, ISRO, IOCL, ONGC, HAL, IB, BPCL, NIC, NPCC, and many more.

Interesting job roles: Computer science is an interesting stream that blends research, innovation and technology. The booming technology has been surprising people with amazing gadgets that are improving lives in every field from healthcare to routine work. The acquired knowledge in hardware and software makes computer enthusiasts experiment with the present and come up with the future technology. Some of the key job roles in this area are - software engineer, designer, data scientist, programmer, project manager, software architect, systems analyst, QA, business analyst, agile coach, cyber security analyst, network engineer and many more.

To conclude, choosing computer science as a professional course is always well-heeled. The aspirants of this course have a promising future with a good foundation of knowledge at the graduation level with on-job experience added to it every year. To begin with, a reputed engineering college like CGC Jhanjeri should be opted to gain the much-needed quality education and holistic professional nurturing. As one of the best Computer Science Engineering College in Mohali, the college has numerous programs that groom the students to fit in the industry. Admissions 2023 open!