CGC Jhanjeri Collaborated With Fortis Healthcare To Spread Awareness On World Cancer Day 2022

CGC Jhanjeri celebrates World Cancer Day 2022. 02nd February 2022, a day dedicated to spreading awareness campaign “Close the Care Gap” to reduce the stigma and the fear attached to cancer. This awareness campaign was in collaboration with Fortis Healthcare, Mohali. Recognizing that the power of knowledge has, on the ability to make a difference, large or small, in reducing the global impact of cancer around the world, this campaign was initiated with the keynote speaker Dr. Naval Bansal, Surgical Oncologist (Fortis Healthcare, Mohali) who has a rich experience of dealing with cancer patients. Dr. Naval Bansal started the session with focusing on inequity in cancer care based on Income, education, location and discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and lifestyle in the country. Through statistics of the current rising figures of cancer cases across the country he brought the focus towards the need to spread awareness about the same in the society. The session focused on the reasons of cancer which arise from ones’ lifestyle, early symptoms of cancer, the ways of prevention, diagnosis and care one must take in order to safeguard oneself from cancer. Dr. Bansal shared the stories of his patients and explained how an early diagnosis, timely action on the early symptoms help the patient to deal with the problem effectively. Navel at last gave a message to all the students that by leading an active life, combined with healthy food habits is the key to good health and better life. In the question and answer round students and faculty members discussed a lot of questions related to stigmas and fears related to cancer. Dr. Bansal answered all the questions with patience and facts. Seeing the contribution from everyone, S. Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal , Hon’ble President stated that, “India requires more preparedness to fight cancer and I am certain this awareness campaign make everyone aware of rising no. of cancer cases. Although cancer has become one of the primary causes of death in India but it is curable in many patients now. With advancements in diagnostics and therapeutics, we have better surgical techniques. Hence, there’s no need to worry now.”