Empowering The Future: Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat 2047

Amrit Kaal Vimarsh Viksit Bharat 2047

CGC Jhanjeri hosted a dynamic workshop centered on the "Implementation of IoT & AI with Raspberry Pi," featuring esteemed guest speaker Mr. Rohit Khosla, Director, and Co-founder of The Core System. The event drew a diverse audience of 110 participants, including students and faculty, eager to delve into the intersection of emerging technologies.

The workshop encompassed introductory sessions, hands-on training, and invaluable insights into real-world applications, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of IoT, AI, and Raspberry Pi technology. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants gained actionable knowledge and skills crucial for future innovation in these domains.

The event successfully served as a platform for fostering a deeper understanding of the synergies between IoT, AI, and Raspberry Pi technology, empowering attendees to harness these technologies for impactful solutions.