Parichay'2023: CGC-J's Fresher's Party Preparations Underway!

Get ready to witness the grand welcoming of the new batch of CGC-Jhanjeri as Parichay'2023 gears up for an unforgettable Fresher's Party in October 2023. The campus is excited as the Department of Student Welfare launches an exciting series of auditions for the upcoming cultural extravaganza.

CGC Got Talent - A Talent Hunt '23 Auditions

Mark your calendars from 28th August (Monday) to 1st September (Friday) for the auditions of CGC Got Talent. The talent hunt aims to discover the brightest stars within our student community. Auditions will commence at 9:30 am, inviting students to showcase their remarkable skills and passions.

Audition Schedule:

Audition schedule details are attached to this communication. We encourage you to share this information within your circles, ensuring maximum audition participation. Let's uncover the hidden talents that our campus is brimming with!

Attention Audition In-Charges:

To our esteemed Audition In-Charges, we request your active involvement in circulating this announcement across all class WhatsApp groups and prominently displaying it on notice boards. Your efforts will significantly contribute to maximizing participation.

Submission of Participation and Shortlist:

After the auditions, kindly send the attendance list of participating students and the shortlisted candidates to in the attached format.

Let's make Parichay'2023 an extraordinary event to remember. We’ll celebrate and embrace the fresh talents that grace our campus. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep the enthusiasm soaring!