Biometric E-banking Interface

In the dynamic landscape of online banking, security and user experience stand as pivotal considerations. Traditional authentication methods, often characterized by multiple credentials and time-sensitive elements, present challenges in terms of both security and user convenience. This document introduces a forward-thinking proposal - the development of a Biometric E-Banking Website. This initiative aims to revolutionize the existing authentication paradigm by introducing a one-point biometric verification system, addressing the shortcomings of the conventional three-point verification approach.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online banking, the existing three-point verification system, comprising the account password, transaction PIN, and one-time password (OTP), poses challenges that hinder both user experience and security. This document introduces the innovative Biometric E-Banking Website, proposing a transformative shift from the cumbersome three-point verification to a swift and robust one-point biometric authentication method.

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