Efficycle Project:

An eco-friendly approach for a better tomorrow, the MAGNUS team designed an Eco-friendly hybrid drive tripod with a Tadpole design (2F1R). It has unique variants like a Seat ventilation system and headlights.

Features of Vehicle:

Eco-friendly hybrid drive tripod with Tadpole design (2F1R).

Transmission: Manual and automatic with speed controller.

Dimensions: L=104 inches, Breadth=54 inches, Height=64 inches.

Material: AISI 1018, Strength to weight (density) ratio = 55 – 60 KN-m/Kg, lightweight.

Electrical control: Li-Ion Battery (48v, 25Ah), PMDC (0.5hp, 48v, 1500rpm) motor, DC Drive.

Steering System: Ackerman with Cuadriciclo mechanism.

Suspension: Rear Wheel Double coil bike suspension.

Safety: Overhead & side protection, Roll cage, Seat belts, Kill switch, fire extinguisher.


Different Concepts and Variants: Concepts:

We are going for the most interesting launch that happens in the 3-wheeled sphere.

Durability, Reliability, Ergonomically Comfort, Ease Design.

Enhanced Appearance.

Speed: Manual = 15-20 kmph, Hybrid = 30-35 kmph.


Seat ventilation system.

Head Lights.

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