In the Indian agricultural landscape, standalone devices abound for soil data collection, but lack automated irrigation functionality, unlike hydroponic setups which favor automated watering due to ease of installation and minimal space requirements. On the global stage, CropX, an Israeli brand, stands out for its utilization of satellite mapping technology, primarily serving large-scale agricultural operations.

Our solution fills a crucial gap by offering a comprehensive approach to meet diverse agricultural needs. Operating primarily online through a central hub, it remains resilient even in the face of potential internet disruptions, and can seamlessly transition to offline mode without compromising functionality. Its adaptability extends across farm sizes, catering adeptly to both small-scale farmers and those managing extensive acreages.

This innovative blend of technology and versatility positions our solution as a transformative force in agriculture. By empowering farmers with actionable insights and efficient resource management capabilities, it not only enhances productivity but also promotes sustainable agricultural practices, thereby contributing to food security in the region. With its ability to detect even minor gas leaks that pose potential hazards, our solution stands out as a reliable and indispensable tool for ensuring workplace safety in factories.

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