A Success Story: How CGC-Jhanjeri Shaped Harminder Singh's Career

Meet Harminder Singh, an accomplished Sub Inspector in the Punjab Police whose journey to success traces back to his alma mater, CGC-Jhanjeri. Graduating with a BBA in 2019, Harminder fondly recalls how his time at CGC-J shaped his path to success. As an alumni of CGC-Jhanjeri, Harminder attributes his confidence and communication skills to the supportive environment fostered by the institution.

Success story of Harminder Singh

His passion for joining the forces found fertile ground amidst the lectures, faculty mentorship, and vibrant events at CGC-J. Engaging in departmental quiz competitions honed his leadership skills, while his introduction to NCC provided valuable insights into military life, enriching his knowledge as an alumnus.

Reflecting on his journey, Harminder acknowledges the pivotal role of resources provided by CGC-Jhanjeri, from industrial visits to online learning platforms. These resources proved invaluable as he navigated his career, first as an HR professional with a Merchant Navy executive ship management company.

Faculty members such as Ms. Aishwarya, Mr. Anmol, and Ms. Raman left a lasting impact on Harminder, providing exposure crucial to his career progression as an alumnus. Despite graduating in 2019, Harminder secured multiple placement offers before graduation, showcasing his dedication to pursuing his passion for the armed forces through the UPSC exam.

The CCPD department played a vital role in shaping Harminder's journey, offering specialized lectures and training in aptitude and soft skills, enhancing his presentation abilities and promoting the art of selling one's skills. Industrial visits facilitated his summer internships, allowing him to establish valuable connections as an Alumnus.

In the face of the pandemic's challenges, Harminder found the prestige of CGC Jhanjeri to be an asset, giving him a preferential edge in the job market as an Alumnus. His advice resonates with the spirit of exploration and guidance fostered at CGC-Jhanjeri, emphasizing passion as the key to success.

Harminder's journey underscores the significance of being guided aptly and maintaining passion as the ultimate code to crack the journey to success, a testament to the transformative power of CGC-Jhanjeri for its Alumni. As an active member of the Alumni network, Harminder continues to inspire others with his story of perseverance and achievement.