BBA Colleges in Chandigarh Opens Door to These 5 Career Opportunities for Undergraduates

Bachelor of Business Administration, popularily abbreviated as BBA, is one of the most demanded degrees for students who pass out school with commerce Stream. The study of this course subject includes inculcating knowledge about the field of business management and leadership. There are numerous BBA Colleges in Chandigarh, however, passing out from the top colleges in the area like Chandigarh Group of Colleges- Jhanjeri, the BBA pass outs get an opportunity to provide themselves with the best in industry career options.

So, what do you plan after completing your undergraduate program in BBA? We at CGC-Jhanjeri, the top BBA College in Punjab get these types of queries at time of admission and here we are ready to answer them with our experience. If you are motivated towards following the career path in the world of business, BBA is surely the best course for you. Not only will the course help you enhance your career scope and expectation of a good salary, but will additionally enable you to spread a network with a diversified range of individuals.

Graduate from the Best BBA colleges in Chandigarh and become eligible for the career options given as under:

Data Scientist

You would question, “A Data Scientist?” Yes, you read that absolutely clear and right! Many students understand that the profession of a Data Scientist is for the graduates of science & technology, but its quite not true. Becoming a Data Scientist is surely possible with a BBA degree. Choosing this career scope, you may work to create strategies, take better-informed decisions and then ensure to produce the desired solutions for a better working organization.


Graduating from the best BBA colleges in Punjab does not always mean that you have to select professional businesses to work in. For you, government jobs are the best career options for BBA pass outs. The candidates after completing their graduation can start preparing themselves for the very reputable ‘Union Public Service Commissions- India’ exam. On clearing the same and getting selected through a series of tests and interviews, you can make a career under the Civil Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Administrative Civil Services, Indian Foreign Services, and many such profiles.


“Offer a Job rather than getting a Job.” Why not make use of your skills, expertise and business mind to become an entrepreneur of an out-of-the-box business? If you have a zing for innovative ideas, business and financial acumen, you can certainly make your career as an entrepreneur and can make money once you reach a stage of success. This not only makes your dream business a success, but will additionally provide employment to many deserving candidates and young minds who can help you grow your business at a boom.

Social Media Specialist

Who does not love spending time on social media? With digitalization at boom around the world, social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, are appropriately used to generate target audiences that would take interest in a business. Your work as a social media specialist is to promise customer flow to your company. Students who further specialize in the same field may work for effectively completing the duties to comments of the reader, monitor the site metrics, and help in creative designing for generating unique customers and fulfill the organizational goals.

Branding Officer

If you work as a branding officer, the company's brand equity is what you take care of. To ensure its certainty, efforts such as communications and proper marketing initiatives are very important. And to achieve this position, the candidate must complete a business degree from the best BBA colleges in Chandigarh along with studies in communication. Thus, making brand strategies is in your hands to improve the working of the organization and achieving the desired goals.