BSc Biotechnology Courses: Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Career Scope

BSc Biotechnology courses is a three-year undergraduate program. It focuses on the application of technology to analyse cellular and bio-molecular processes. BSc Biotechnology is a fulltime program. Biotechnology is the study of living organisms and biological processes. This science has applications in advanced healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food and environmental science.

The BSc biotechnology course duration is three years. Many Indian institutions, both public and private, now offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Biotechnology. Every university that offers a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (BSc) degree follows a comparable or universal curriculum and syllabus. Students who have taken Biology in high school and wish to continue studying the subject while also concentrating on the technical part of it can consider majoring in BSc Biotechnology.

Learn more about the BSc Biotechnology course and what it entails in terms of curriculum, job prospects, and more. Those interested in learning more about the BSc Biotechnology program may do so by reading on.

Why Study BSc Biotechnology?

BSc biotechnology courses focus on using living organisms in medicine, agriculture, and ecology. In addition, BSc Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary discipline that encourages the next generation to push scientific and technological boundaries. Professional options are many for those with a BSc Biotechnology degree since the curriculum covers a broad spectrum of medical procedures and technical skills. Students with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology are better prepared to adapt to the ever-evolving biotechnology field.

Who Should Study BSc Biotechnology Courses?

  1. Those curious about genetics may want to look into the BSc Biotechnology field.
  2. Working as a biotechnologist requires constant exploration of new fields. Applicants with a penchant for inquiry could benefit from enrolling in this seminar.
  3. Students majoring in biotechnology strive to improve crop and livestock yields by altering their genetic makeup. Prospective students who want to make a difference in food security would like this seminar.
  4. Many prospective medical and pharmaceutical researchers consider enrolling in a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology program.
  5. Working professionals may earn a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology via remote learning or part-time education.

BSc Biotechnology eligibility

  1. Individuals interested in pursuing a BSc in Biotechnology should do so immediately after they complete Class 12 or an equivalent test.
  2. Working individuals may achieve their Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology via flexible education options, including online or part-time classes.
  3. Candidates set on a research career would do well to enrol in BSc Biotechnology.
  4. Please note that the qualifying aggregate or BSc biotechnology eligibility may vary per institution.

BSc Biotechnology Syllabus

Semester 1

  1. Chemistry - I
  2. Biophysics and Instrumentation

Semester 2

  1. Principles of Microbiology
  2. Principles of Transmission Genetics
  3. Organic Mechanisms in Biology

Semester 3

  1. Microbial Genetics
  2. Principles of Immunology
  3. Plant Biotechnology

Semester 4

  1. Animal Biotechnology
  2. Biodiversity and Taxonomy
  3. Molecular Genetics
  4. Chemistry – IV

Semester 5

  1. Industrial Biotechnology
  2. Environmental Biotechnology

Semester 6

  1. Biotechnology-Social, Legal & Ethical issues
  2. Medical Biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology Career Scope

Numerous career paths are open to those with BSc biotechnology courses. Graduates of the BSc Biotechnology program have the option of continuing their education with a Master of Science in Biotechnology and then doing research in the subject. A career in academia or research would allow them to make significant contributions to Biotechnology and related fields.

Graduates with a BSc in biotechnology are in high demand and have many opportunities in the business world. They can find work in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, the food industry, environmental protection, and animal husbandry.

Top Recruiters in BSc Biotechnology

  1. Ranbaxy
  2. Drager
  3. Cipla
  4. Abbott
  5. Johnson & Johnson
  6. Biocon
  7. Siemens Healthcare
  8. Reliance Life Sciences
  9. Philips Healthcare
  10. Glaxo Smithkline
  11. Stryker
  12. Cadila Healthcare

Core Industries in BSc Biotechnology

  1. Research firms
  2. Chemical manufacturers
  3. Hospitals
  4. Educational institutes
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Fertilizer manufacturers
  7. Food production firms
  8. Soil biology
  9. Clinical research firms
  10. Animal husbandry
  11. Laboratories
  12. Cosmetics
  13. Consultation agencies
  14. Ecology

BSc Biotechnology Job Profiles

  1. Bioinformist
  2. Epidemiologists
  3. Bioproduction Operators
  4. Biotech Specialist
  5. Clinical Researcher
  6. Research Executives
  7. Biomanufacturing Specialists
  8. Biostatistician
  9. Scientific Assistant

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