Career Options After 12th: Your Path to a Bright Future

What are the career options after the 12th? To be honest, we've all been there! As if passing the 12th board exams needed to be more stressful, we now have to narrow down our professional possibilities once the exams are over. Choosing a job path that you are enthusiastic about will undoubtedly give your career a boost while offering endless chances. So, why wander about aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do after the 12th? We have restricted the field for you. So, look at the abundance of job alternatives we've assembled for you after 12th science.

How To Choose the Best Career Options After 12th?

We realise how difficult it may be to find the right job path after graduating high school. While some of you may have already registered for different admission examinations and have a vision, others may need help to avoid it. However, if you think about it, being ignorant isn't as horrible as it seems. Let's choose the most significant professional possibilities for you after 12th grade.

Career options after 12th

Understand what you are passionate about

As much as you may be obliged to follow the rat race, we recommend pursuing what you are passionate about. If you wish to pursue conventional professional paths such as engineering, medicine, or architecture, you should do it without hesitation. However, if you want to pursue a career as a graphic designer and enrol in a graphic design degree, why not?

Research & select the relevant course.

Once you've narrowed down the topic of study you want to pursue, check into the types of courses offered in that field. There are various part-time/full-time courses available, as well as remote learning, diploma degrees, and other options. Make an informed choice on the subject to pursue after 12th grade.

Find career options in your chosen field.

Now that you've completed most of the arduous work, it's time to consider what the future may hold for the area you wish to pursue further. Determine if it will give you enough prospects for professional and economic progress.

Career Options After 12th Science PCM

So, you've reduced your subject to physics, chemistry, and mathematics. After hours of experimenting with various chemicals, practising tonnes of pendulum questions, and still needing to get me started on differentiation and integration- you're here! Let's face it: there are a plethora of courses available after the 12th grade. It is, therefore, up to you to discover your calling and what you are passionate about. Let's get started.

B.Sc. (Bachelor in Science)

Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a three-year undergraduate degree extensively offered in India's educational institutions and universities. Students interested in scientific understanding and research-oriented and calculative approaches based on a recognised systematic method prefer to continue with this subject after 12th grade. BSc is the pinnacle of applying ideas both conceptually and practically and is recognised to be one of the most excellent courses after 12th science since you may pursue your BSc degree in a range of professions.

  1. B.Sc. Multimedia
  2. B.Sc. Fashion Design
  3. B.Sc. Graphic & Web Designing
  4. B.Sc. Cyber Security
  5. B.Sc. Information Technology (IT)

BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application)

This undergraduate course focuses on the dissemination of computer-related skills. This three-year programme teaches students about computers and their applications in detail. This course assists in developing a solid academic foundation for a career in sophisticated computer applications. Check out the numerous employment opportunities following BCA before deciding to continue with BCA.

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is a professional undergraduate engineering degree obtained after four years of academic study. Furthermore, being one of the most popular courses in India and one of the top job prospects for scientific students, a solid wage package may be obtained upon completion of the degree.

Some Popular BTech Courses After 12th For Science PCM Students

  1. B. Tech. CSE
  2. B. Tech. AI & DS
  3. B. Tech. ECE
  4. B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
  5. B. Tech. AI & ML
  6. B. Tech. Robotics & AI
  7. B. Tech. Civil Engineering
  8. B.Tech. CSE (Cyber Security)
  10. B.Tech. Electrical Engineering
  11. B.Tech. ETE

Career options after 12th Science PCB

Going for Science with biology is often considered the entry point to a medical career. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three key disciplines that a student studies over those two years. In terms of the future, there are several medical courses available after the 12th grade. Let's have a look at those:

BSc (Bachelors of Science)

BSc is a three-year undergraduate programme that begins after the 12th grade. One may specialise in an area of their choice and get extensive knowledge.

  1. B.Sc. Bio-Technology
  2. B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition & Dietetics
  3. B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  4. B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology
  5. B.Sc. Forensic Sciences
  6. B.Sc. Optometry
  7. B.Sc. Medical Technology - Anesthesia & Operation Theatre
  8. B.Sc. Radiology & Imaging Technology

Career Options After 12th Science PCMB

There is always an exception, and it is here. A course includes physics, chemistry, and math or physics, chemistry, and biology.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

A B.Pharma is a four-year, full-time undergraduate degree in medicine and pharmacy. There are two essential disciplines of pharmacology: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. BPharm is regarded as one of the most significant degrees available after 12th science for those studying PCMB.

Career Options After 12th Other Than Science


To pursue a legal career, prospective law students may seek a certification, certificate, or bachelor's degree in law. To gain a spot, students must take the CLAT admission test. The qualifying requirements include a minimum of 45% in 12th grade in any stream (Arts/Commerce/Science) and a CLAT score. You can do the following law course:

  1. LLB
  2. BA LLB Integrated
  3. B. Com LLB Integrated
  4. BBA LLB Integrated

Web & Graphic Designing

With technology and technologies simplifying our lives, web and graphic designers are in high demand. There are several courses available to develop design and animation abilities. This is a pleasant career if you have expertise and a strong portfolio.

B.Sc. Graphic & Web Designing

Management - BBA

A management degree gives students a solid foundation in business, finance, economics, and marketing. Most management degrees have a significant practical component, such as training courses and professional projects. Once you've joined, you may advance to sales, marketing, human resources, or other management areas.

Bachelor of Business Administration


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