Chandigarh Engineering College

Engineering is an inventive field that attracts budding aspirants to pursue it as a career. Today, the young generation is smart enough to choose the right career path and become a participant in evolving gen-next technology. Chandigarh Engineering College, CGC Jhanjeri provides top-grade engineering courses to make your dream career a real-time success.

The revolutionary engineering research has been continuously giving innovative solutions to the most complex and critical problems. Moreover, it is the engineering behind every single object and service we use today. Such a creative and research-driven field needs rigorous learning with quality education as a foundation. CGC Jhanjeri, among the top Punjab engineering colleges, provides the best-in-class education by incorporating the latest technological advancements and industry trends into the course curriculum.

Pursuing B. Tech. in a dedicated technology makes an individual begin from the basics and reach an optimal level of knowledge to implement it into the smart solutions. The best engineering colleges in Punjab provide a well-versed learning module that covers the existing technology trends and is flexible enough to incorporate the newest technological advancements at any time. Taking up an engineering course is not just about reading or understanding the concepts. Instead, it requires a passion to learn a technology, utilize the learning into performing some research and finally come up with an inventive solution. This skill set is to be curated by motivating and promoting teachers who themselves are veterans in particular engineering technology.

Various engineering modules that are most preferred by the students include:

  1. B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering
  2. B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering LEET
  3. B. Tech. Electronics and Communication
  4. B. Tech. Electronics and Communication LEET
  5. B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering
  6. B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering LEET
  7. B. Tech. Civil Engineering
  8. B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering LEET
  9. B. Tech. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The entrance to any of these courses can be taken through an entrance exam after 10+2 or by diploma students into the second year of the course. Taking up any of these courses depends entirely on the choice and interest of the student, but apart from deep-diving into the favorite technology, it is also vital to take a walkthrough of all other technologies and domains as this shall help in understanding that how one technology is used effectively by other domains in the real-time. CGC Jhanjeri, among the best engineering colleges in Punjab, understands the need to become future-ready and therefore conducts regular expert sessions by inviting industry specialists who share their experiences and guide the right path to attain professional success. Various other engineering-centric programs at CGC Jhanjeri include:

Pre-placement training: A dedicated pre-placement team at CGC Jhanjeri provides all-around development of students before they sit for the on-campus placement exam. Soft-skills training, aptitude and reasoning skills and interview-facing skills are all a part of this program that aims at boosting morale and making students competitive for future prospects.

Well-equipped laboratories: To keep students learning in parallel to the industry, it is important to get them fine exposure to the latest technology. With the well-equipped and upgraded labs, CGC Jhanjeri is always in the present-day technology.

Resourceful Library/e-library: Gathering various sources of information and knowledge together, the library is all stocked up with the latest journals, books and references.

Strong industry-academic interface: With continuous efforts to bring top-notch opportunities, CGC Jhanjeri has a wide spectrum of tie-ups with top industry leaders that fosters opportunities and other prospects.

International Opportunities: Studying abroad for higher education is now easier than ever. At CGC Jhanjeri, students can opt for the bridging facilities provided by the dedicated team at the college.

Scholarship Program: Special scholarship program is run at the college to help with the economic support for the students in need. This is an effort to go hand-in-hand and continue the flow of education among all.

Placements with top industry leaders: As a part of tie-ups, top industry leaders visit the campus for placements in all the streams.

Conducive learning environment: Students from vivid nationalities, cultures, and religions come together to pursue their career education and have a great time staying and learning together. Special student-connect programs facilitate communication among the students.

Ranked among the best colleges in Chandigarh for engineering, CGC Jhanjeri caters to education at the next-level. Here, it is learning with an individual’s interest and grooming as per the industry standards.