Chandigarh Law College

The Chandigarh Law College at CGC Jhanjeri is an extensive institution that provides quality education to students who aspire to become lawyers. This stream of education plays a vital role in maintaining a conducive social environment by practicing the constitutional laws in providing justice. For a country like India that has vivid cultures and diaspora, peaceful living is achieved by maintaining order and following the constitutional laws.

Today, becoming a lawyer or an advocate is one of the preferred choices among the youngsters, and they do believe in going ahead for a career that helps people in need. Among the top law colleges in Chandigarh, CGC Jhanjeri’s college of law is a seasoned institution that believes in staying updated and providing its students with all the necessary facilities that help them become insightful professionals.

Handling legal issues requires strong analytical and reasoning skills to understand the case and find out the most appropriate solution. This extends to legal issues from various fields like corporates, firms, individuals, civil services, etc. The study of law involves taking up subjects like economics, sociology, history, and political science.  Apart from these, the core study area includes Labour Law, Family Law, Criminology, Women and Law, Law of Evidence, Human Rights and International Laws, Environmental Laws, Legal Writing, Administrative Law, Land Laws, etc.

As one of the best law colleges in Punjab, CGC Jhanjeri has a well-set infrastructure that delivers all the required facilities in pursuing the course. Various law courses offered by CGC Jhanjeri are:

  1. LLB
  2. B.A. LLB
  3. B. Com. LLB

Pursuing LLB from a seasoned institute as CGC Jhanjeri gives a boost to the learning process with a quality education that brings in wider career opportunities and fills in you a skill set to handle complex real-time situations. Some additional benefits of studying Law at CGC Jhanjeri include:

Enhanced analytical and reasoning skills: A law student needs to develop sharp skills to understand and pursue a case on the basis of the acquired learnings and their implementation in the real world. The dedicated course curriculum with a focus on these skills is what  Chandigarh Law College at CGC Jhanjeri provides to its students.

Appealing soft skills: Communication skills form a strong aura around your personality, and your personality is your first impression. As a law student, you need to be presentable with fine communication skills that are both appealing and impressive. Apart from studying the curriculum, CGC Jhanjeri ingrains soft skills training to make its students ready to deal with the world with confidence.

Strong foundation in the field of Law: Spacious classrooms, courtroom, e-library, well-equipped computer labs, expert faculty, and strong infrastructure make learning at the college a profound base for future professionals.

A wide spectrum of career opportunities: Pursuing the Law degree from one of the best law colleges in Punjab opens to a wide range of career opportunities with various domains to opt from like media, politics,  law,  corporates, social work, research, lecturership, civil services, etc.

 Chandigarh Law College at CGC Jhanjeri is well-versed with the ongoing industry trends and therefore integrates the latest learning modules to make its students stand apart in the competitive work environment. Among the top law colleges in Mohali, CGC Jhanjeri is the most preferred college that provides top-notch education with overall professional grooming that yields fruitful career results. Moreover, the ever-increasing placement graph with the standard education system and top-notch industry tie-ups make students more eager for a promising future ahead.

So, choose CGC Jhanjeri to help you fulfill your aspirations of becoming a brilliant professional and taking your career to the next level of success.