Does Your College or University Help You Find Employment When You Graduate?

Many top placement colleges in Punjab offer career services to their students and alumni to help them find employment after graduation. These services can include resume and cover letter writing assistance, job search resources, career counseling, and networking opportunities.

Career centers may also organize career fairs, employer information sessions, and on-campus interviews with recruiters. Some institutions may even have partnerships with employers or alumni networks that can provide job leads or job shadowing opportunities.

However, it's important to note that the level and quality of career services may vary among colleges and universities. It's also ultimately up to the individual student or alumni to actively seek out and utilize these resources to maximize their chances of finding employment.

Chandigarh Group of Colleges Jhanjeri is one of the best placement colleges.CGC Jhanjeri has its own placement cell. The Centre for Career Planning and Development department at CGC Jhanjeri helps the students in preparing for the selection process. It consists of an array of industry associations which leads to an excellent record of placements. CGC-Jhanjeri has set a  pioneer height in providing quality placement opportunities to all its students as per their skills and interests. With over 50,000 placement offers and 1000 placement drives, CGC has emerged as a leader in providing placements. Every year, a number of blue chip companies visit the campus for giving students a wider range of opportunities to grow professionally.

Placement is the main key nowadays in selecting any college or university. There are many colleges for placement in Chandigarh where students get chances to grab a job according to their priorities.

The CCPD’s  Corporate Affairs Team makes sure that every student gets the job of their dreams at one of the Fortune 500 firms. Each student receives numerous internships and industrial training opportunities from this team in addition to placements. For campus drives, organizations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and many others frequently visit the campus.

Students must hone their skills in a variety of cutting-edge technologies that are not covered in university curricula if they want to land a job with one of the Fortune 500 corporations. This section of CCPD offers training in advanced technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation. With hands-on training, this course aids students with a practical understanding of their concepts.

The Team of Aptitude Training makes sure that each person's aptitude for math and problem-solving is accurately assessed. This aptitude section has virtually become a routine in written tests administered by all organizations. Because it typically correlates with success in certain professions,  such as engineering, management, paramedicine, and many more.

The team in this CCPD concentrates on good communication techniques, student personality development, simulated group debates, and PI. Our team works hard to ensure that students are well-groomed, therefore we hold GD workshops and other activities to sharpen their speaking abilities. To prepare pupils for actual interviews, mock drives are organized and executed.

The team in charge of this CCPD vertical focuses on PI, simulated group discussions, student personality development, and effective communication methods. Our team makes a concerted effort to ensure that students are well-prepared, and  GD workshops and other events are organized to hone their public speaking skills. Mock drives are planned and carried out to help students get ready for real interviews.