Learn about the skills required to be successful in an engineering role

The status of employability is now very competitive in the present scenario. Every aspiring Engineering student needs to showcase his/her skills based on the needs of the employers. Every Industry or the employers looks for the very important skill from the Engineering students that includes, professional development and communication, soft skills, analytical and creative thinking, basic Engineering aptitude of core subjects, Enthusiasm, Commitment,  Motivation and passion to learn. 

Expected Skills from Engineering Graduates

For a successful and dynamic career, the aspiring Engineering professionals should work across disciplines in teams and adapt to new challenges from time to time. 

    • Spoken English communication is scaled as key skill for employability and is the employers’ top preference. The chances of selection are comparatively better for the students with good spoken English skills along with salary and perks.
    • Soft skill and aptitude: Every student must strive to develop soft skills. It characterizes a relationship with other people and is considered a complement to hard skills. Soft skills include Strong Work Ethics, Positive Attitude, Time management, Problem-Solving Skills, ability to accept and learn from criticism etc.
    • Written Communication: The resumes forwarded to the Industries should be absolutely free from grammatical and spelling errors. Normally the recruiters’ priority is shortlist the resume with no spelling mistakes, otherwise liable for rejection. 
    • Specialized skills Every Engineering student must develop a specialized skill. The employer also examines the students’ potential for effective problem solving skills with optimized time management skills. The Engineering students must possess problem solving skills. They must develop observatory skills towards technical and commercial aspects to analyze and evaluate a situation for a productive decision.  Engineering graduates must develop skills towards team building and coordination. Normally Employers looks for self motivated Engineering students with mandatory skills for positive working environment and organizational success. 

On the other hand, the Engineering student should be creative and must think creative since engineering study is a creative process.  One needs to practice creative thinking outside the box by group brainstorming, daydreaming, Experimentation and etc.