Exploring the Scope of BBA LLB through CGC Jhanjeri: Course Details, Duration, and Fees

The BBA LLB (Integrated) program is a unique and highly specialized course. BBA LLB course details (Integrated) are a combination of business administration with the intricacies of law. This integrated degree program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of both business and legal aspects. Recognized by the Bar Council of India, the BBA LLB (Integrated) program offers students a credible and promising career path. In this blog, we will delve into the BBA LLB course fees (Integrated), course duration and course details.


BBA LLB (Integrated) at CGC Jhanjeri

The BBA LLB (Integrated) program offered by CGC Jhanjeri is tailored for individuals who want to excel in both law and business administration. The BBA LLB course fees (Integrated) at CGC Jhanjeri is competitive. This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of both business practices and the Indian legal system. Students get equipped with transferable skills that serves as an excellent foundation for various career paths in both legal and business worlds.

BBA LLB course details (Integrated)

BBA LLB program at CGC Jhanjeri is an integrated one. It encompasses subject courses in business administration and law. This course offers clinical and legal internship opportunities. This course allows students to gain practical experience in both fields. Additionally, students can choose elective courses to specialize in specific areas of business and law. The BBA LLB program is recognized by the Bar Council of India. This program aims to provide a deep understanding of the interface between law and business.

The BBA LLB course duration (Integrated) is five years. Throughout the program, students develop the ability to apply their knowledge to solving real-world problems. Pursuing a BBA LLB degree is a demanding yet intellectually stimulating process. It trains students to think logically and communicate effectively to navigate complex legal and business scenarios.

Scope of BBA LLB from CGC Jhanjeri

  1. Corporate Lawyer: Advising businesses on legal matters, contracts, and compliance.
  2. In-House Counsel: Working within corporations to handle legal issues and ensure compliance.
  3. Entrepreneurship: Starting and managing businesses while having a strong understanding of legal implications.
  4. Legal Consultancy: Providing legal advice and consultancy services to individuals and organizations.
  5. Arbitration and Mediation: Resolving disputes outside the courtroom through negotiation and mediation.
  6. Government Services: Pursuing careers in the legal departments of government agencies.
  7. Academia and Teaching: Becoming law professors or educators to train future legal professionals.

BBA LLB Syllabus

First Semester

  1. Legal Method
  2. Law of Contract-I
  3. Legal English and Communication Skills
  4. Principles of Management
  5. Managerial Economics
  6. Comprehensive Viva

Second Semester:

  1. Law of Contract -II
  2. Law of Torts and Consumer Protection
  3. Financial Management
  4. Organizational Behavior
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Comprehensive Viva

Third Semester

  1. Family Law-I
  2. Constitutional Law-I
  3. Law of Crimes-I
  4. Business Environment & Ethical Practices
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Comprehensive Viva

Fourth Semester

  1. Family Law-II
  2. Constitutional Law-II
  3. Law of Crimes-II
  4. Administrative Law
  5. Strategic Management
  6. Comprehensive Viva

Fifth Semester

  1. Environmental Studies and Environmental Laws
  2. Law of Evidence
  3. Corporate Law
  4. Code of Civil Procedure
  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  6. Comprehensive Viva and Summer Internship Assessment**

Sixth Semester

  1. Jurisprudence
  2. International Law
  3. Property Law
  4. Investment and Competition Law
  5. Code of Criminal Procedure

Seventh Semester

  1. Labour Law-I
  2. Tax Law
  3. Law and Emerging Technologies
  4. Human Rights
  5. Seminar Paper-I
  6. Comprehensive Viva and Summer Internship Assessment**

Eighth Semester

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Family Law
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Intellectual Property Law
  5. Human Rights
  6. Taxation Law
  7. Insurance Laws


The BBA LLB program is a gateway to a promising and versatile career that combines business acumen with legal expertise. CGC Jhanjeri offers an excellent platform for students passionate about pursuing this unique path, providing comprehensive education and practical experience. If you are looking for a credible and rewarding career in business and law, CGC Jhanjeri's BBA LLB program is an excellent choice, offering a strong foundation for your future endeavors in this dynamic and evolving field. If you want to build your career in law and management, apply now!