Future Demand & Jobs Opportunities With B.Sc. Fashion Designing

Learn about the career options available after B.Sc. Fashion Design

Turn your desire to always stay in style into a profession with a degree in B.Sc. Fashion Designing. Before you fill out the admission form and deposit your fees, let’s take an exhaustive look as to what this course is about and more importantly, if it is the right career option for you.

First, answer the question, are you creative by nature and have a natural gift of combining colors, textures, and shades, and love putting your feelings in sketches or diagrams? Do you enjoy working with fabrics and accessories and can visualize new patterns, designs, and garments? If the answer to these two questions is yes then it is the right profession for you.

What is a Program in Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is a field of study devoted to the designing of lifestyle accessories and clothing. This art is influenced by social and cultural attitudes and has seen considerable changes over the years. A career in fashion designing is the one for you if you have a penchant for originality, style, and creation.

Fashion designing is as old as humanity is, as the need to look good has been there since ancient times, even though, it has evolved in many ways and the clothes of the royal times are much different from the ones that are worn now. In today’s world, the field of fashion designing has been the most appealing, lucrative, exciting, and glamorous.

Reaching the Goal Step by Step

One needs to have to type of qualification to start a career in fashion designing. These can be broadly categorized into natural and acquired.

  1. Acquired – These are the skills for which there is a degree or program and there is a minimum qualification to attain it. This can be attained by either enrolling for a part-time certificate or full-time course and is normally pursued by students after completing their senior secondary.
  2. Natural – Apart from getting trained and understanding the technicalities, one needs to have a decent aesthetic sense, a sense of trends and fashion, good taste, and color expertise. Knowledge of fabrics, an eye for detail, and related qualities are a big plus to excel in this field.

Starting Early will be Beneficial for the Career

The word ‘fashion’ instantly reminds us of the glitz and glamour. The fashion industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the international fashion market in India. Making a career in this booming industry is like getting a pot of gold. Considering all the things, it will be better to start early, thereby, giving yourself ample time to deepen your roots in the industry.

Establishing yourself in this field does not require a high level of academics, but, one needs considerable talent to be labeled as designer material. What is of utmost importance is that you need to be highly creative when it comes to mixing textures, shades, and colors, and should be able to express your ideas through drawings and sketches.

Your preparation for taking admission in a reputed college to pursue fashion designing should being from the school, and you should try to make yourself proficient in computer graphics, home science, paintings, and drawings, etc. As the result, when you pass out from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri with a degree in fashion designing you will master the art of designing to pattern making, and from production to even marketing.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in the Fashion Industry?

Every industry and career has some positives and some negatives as well, and one should learn to make the best use of positives and should be able to overcome negatives. First, let’s take a look at some of the negatives –

  1. One needs a considerable amount of experience to establish in this industry and the initial years of the career one will have to work as an assistant for any reputed fashion designing firm.
  2. In case one is looking to be an entrepreneur by having their studio then a significant amount of money will be required here, or one may have to find an investor who is willing to put money in your business plan.
  3. It will be really difficult to find an investor unless you have good credit or show your experience.

The positive aspect of this career option is –

  1. The biggest positive side of this career is that there is no limit to the amount of money and fame that you can earn here.
  2. Another thing unique about this career option is that you can get a chance to rub shoulders with the big and famous, even though reaching that level requires a lot of hard work.

With a degree in fashion designing from CGC Jhanjeri, one can find work in the field of planning and concept management, fashion marketing, designer wear production. Options are also available in the form of quality control, fashion accessory design, design production management, fashion media, and promotion of brands.

Work is also available as –

  1. Production pattern maker
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Technical designer
  4. Personal stylist
  5. Fashion consultant

Fixing the Demand and Supply and Tips on Getting Hired

Research indicates that the fashion industry in India will be on the rise for the next two decades to come. Fashion brands from India are gaining popularity and are finding a place on the global platform. Because the disposable income of India’s middle class is increasing and they are increasingly becoming fashion conscious, there is tremendous potential to cash on here.

Let’s give a brief note on finding the job – 

  1. Showcase your creative talent by making an impressive portfolio
  2. Before stepping into a market it is better to conduct a thorough research
  3. Patience is key to success here. Just like in any other field of creativity you need not be impulsive
  4. If you can get employed by a well-known designer and it will open up your path further
  5. You may fail rejection, but you should understand the shortcoming and start to work your way around it

Why pursue B.Sc. Fashion Designing from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri?

To being things, at CGC Jhanjeri you will be studying at one of the most reputed colleges in North India that are known for its excellent academics and remarkable placement. A distinct niche has been carved out by the college all because of its exemplary work in the field of higher education.

Thousands of students have been placed in some of the most reputed companies with commanding pay packages. Students at CGC Jhanjeri are known to excel academically and have filed several patents. The exhaustive practical exposure and elaborative industrial visits of students make them industry-ready as they pass out.

A Bachelor of Science in Fashion Designing from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri will provide the student everything that is needed to make a successful career in this field. If you want to make a strong and stable career in the field of multimedia then you should be at CGC-J.

Turn your desire to always stay in style into a profession with a degree in B.Sc. Fashion Designing. Before you fill out the admission 2023 form and deposit your fees, let’s take an exhaustive look as to what this course is about and more importantly, if it is the right career option for you.