Journalism and Mass Communication: Course Details, Scope, and Opportunities

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is a three-year, six-semester undergraduate program. This degree is designed for students who wish to pursue journalism and media careers. This journalism and mass communication course details teaches students various journalistic and media skills that will assist them in understanding the fundamental concepts of this field. It includes the study of liberal arts, broadcast journalism, and various journalism, media, and communication fundamentals.

In addition, it encompasses knowledge of computer applications, software, and hardware used for print, television, radio, and all forms of mass media. This journalism and mass communication course details will help students understand all the techniques, theories, and practical work required in journalism and mass communication. Journalism and mass communication eligibility is 10+2 from any stream.

CGC Jhanjeri is the Top BA Journalism and Mass Communication college in Chandigarh. Admission journalism and mass communication are open at CGC Jhanjeri. Pursuing a Journalism and Mass Communication course can be your gateway to an exciting, dynamic, and impactful career. Whether you dream of being in front of the camera, crafting compelling stories, or directing the next big film, understanding the nuances of this course is your first step. So, stay curious and keep storytelling!

Journalism and Mass Communication Course Details Benefits

Due to impending changes in the journalism and media industries, technology and communication have changed dramatically. This facilitates media professionals' inventive and interactive operation. Listed below are several benefits of taking this course.

This degree provides the ideal perspective for pursuing a career in media and journalism for those who wish to do so.

This program provides students a venue for showcasing their aptitude and incorporating creativity into their work if they enjoy expressing creative ideas and thoughts.

This course will assist you in expanding your network by introducing you to new people with diverse ideas and perspectives, thereby broadening the scope of your thinking.

This course offers multiple career options and assists students in selecting their area of interest from the available options. Check journalism and mass communication eligibility before taking admission to your desired institute.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Degree Programs

The bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication is an undergraduate degree. The length of this program is three years. Students in the program must intern after completing their second year. They are required to undergo training in the print media for 30 to 45 days. After the end of the semester, students are again required to complete a broadcast media internship. They can pursue apprenticeships at production companies, radio stations, and news networks. Admission journalism and mass communication are open at top colleges in Chandigarh.

A candidate pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication will gain in-depth knowledge of this discipline with the evolving dynamics of the media industry. Educational institutions try to provide students with access to theoretical knowledge and training. This will assist students in becoming more proficient and effective in their work and academics.

Journalism and Mass Communication Eligibility

To enroll for this course, applicants must adhere to specific guidelines. The journalism and mass communication eligibility are listed below.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication requires students to have completed 10+2 or any equivalent qualification from a recognized board with a minimal % aggregate score of 50%.

If the pupils do not meet the prerequisites, they cannot enroll in this course.

Key Skills for Success:

Curiosity: An inherent need to know and understand the world.

Adaptability: The media landscape is always evolving.

Ethical Judgement: Upholding the values of truth, fairness, and integrity.

Technical Skills: Mastery of tools and platforms relevant to your chosen medium.

Scope of Journalism in India and Abroad

With the growth and development of technology, which has led to the expansion of communication networks such as social media, television, newspapers, e-magazines, and radio, the scope and reach of journalism have also expanded. This has also resulted in journalism gaining a massive, global audience for even the slightest events. There is coverage of all international events. News reporting is no longer restricted to local, regional, or national broadcasts.

When individuals consider journalism, only news correspondents and newspaper articles come to mind. But that is not the extent of journalism. It extends beyond these spheres and offers numerous employment opportunities and paths to pursue.

In addition to jobs such as newspaper correspondents and writers, journalism encompasses a variety of other occupations, making it a broad field.

  1. Editor
  2. Proof-reader/ Sub-editor
  3. Researcher
  4. Critic
  5. Photojournalist
  6. Cartoonist
  7. Illustrator and various other options

Journalism and Mass Communication Course Details

Course Subjects

The subjects that are mainly taught in most courses in Journalism and Mass Communication are:

  1. Introduction to Journalism
  2. Introduction to Mass Communication
  3. Editing Techniques
  4. Media Laws and the Indian Constitution
  5. Reporting Methods
  6. Media Management
  7. Advertising and Public Relations
  8. History of Journalism and more

The syllabus for Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication is:

  1. Writing for Media
  2. Socio-Economic & Political Scenario
  3. Introduction to Communication
  4. Basics of Design & Graphics
  5. History of Print & Broadcasting in India
  6. Media Laws & Ethics
  7. Photography
  8. Print Journalism
  9. Development & Communication
  10. Radio Journalism & Production
  11. Basics of Camera, Lights & Sound
  12. Television Journalism & Production
  13. Public Relations
  14. New Media
  15. Advertising Practices
  16. Media Research
  17. Media Organisation & Management
  18. Global Media Scenario

Admission Journalism and Mass Communication Open at CGC Jhanjeri

Admission Journalism and Mass Communication Open at CGC Jhanjeri. CGC Jhanjeri is the top BA journalism & mass communication college in Chandigarh. CGC Jhanjeri is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and an environment conducive to learning and innovation. The institution has a legacy of producing industry-ready professionals who have made their mark in various fields.