Journalism Courses After 12th

In today's world where people are coming closer and boundaries are shrinking, mass communication has emerged as a lucrative area to work where one gets thrilled, adventure, and knowledge coupled with a sense of contentment and above all a handsome pay package. Career opportunities for those who obtain BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri lies in different fields of electronic and print media, i.e. from being a media planner to journalist to even a copywriter or a video jockey.

Finding a job after completing a BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) from CGC Jhanjeri is not that difficult in a country like India where the news corporation and the entertainment industry are on a new high due to the booming economy. You might be surprised to note that, India is the largest manufacturer of movies in the whole world and according to a report, the Indian electronic media will continue to grow in the next 5 years and will have at least 100 more television channels. All this simply indicates that there is no shortage of jobs for people with a mass communication degree

A few years back, journalism courses after 12th were not among the most favorite ones for students. The scenario today, however, has undergone a sea change all thanks to the immense job opportunities that have been created by corporate giants and media houses. It was not long ago when a professional with a degree in Economics or English with faint knowledge of current affairs was considered fit for the job. The priority today has shifted a lot as a degree in journalism after 12th is considered a must to enter the field of mass communication.

The placement of the students depends to a great extent on the reputation of the college from where he or she has graduated. Age-old trend-setting institutes such as the Indian Institute of Mass Communication Jamia Millia Islamia, and Asian College of Journalism has been known to have one of the best placement records. Big media corporations such as Viacom 18, NDTV network, and Hindustan Times group are highly active in campus placement drives and often hire fresh graduates regularly.

One also has the option to work as a freelancer after completing the BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) program from CGC Jhanjeri. This way one can commit themselves to a particular corporation or company. A point that is worth highlighting here is that there is a difference between journalism and mass communication and many people confuse them with one another. Many believe that a degree or diploma in mass communication is the only way to become a journalist.

The fact, however, is quite the opposite as journalism courses after 12th provides students with the skills to work in a field as diverse as a copy editor of a publishing house or a public relations officer of a company. There has been a paradigm shift in the way mass communication is being taught in India, as there is much more emphasis on practical aspects than ever before. Whatever is being taught theoretically has a practical implication and this has been because of the demand that is created by employers across the nation.

Mass media can be defined as the term used to name all the modes of the media such as television, newspaper, cinema, magazines, radio, television, etc. These media provide common information to people from categories. Students who complete mass communication can find job opportunities in different fields such as public relations, research institutes, news media, and publishing. Journalism courses after 12th from CGC Jhanjeri open ample doors of opportunities and one can make a satisfactory lifelong career.

Some of the job profiles that can be taken up once you complete journalism courses after 12th are public relations officer, presenter, art director, feature writer, sound engineer, floor manager, reporter, screenwriter, sound technician, transmission executive, correspondent, journalist, proofreader, reporter, and TV correspondent, etc. Employment areas that can be taken up by these professionals include advertising agencies, central information service, websites, radio telecasting companies, periodicals and magazines, press information bureau, etc.

Media that existed in the past is much different from what is available now. Today, people life is affected in a much deeper manner by the media as compared to a few decades back. Through media, one can place his / her demand on a much larger platform and can also vouch for proper explanation or justice, something which was unthinkable a few years back. The media or mass communication of the country plays an important role in constructing a modern society, without which this is unthinkable. It can be easily said that media is the backbone of any democratic country.

How you can Develop Your Career in the Field of Journalism?

Completing journalism courses after 12th is not the completion of education as one can go for an internship which provides a rich experience and enable a new professional to practice what he or she has learned in classrooms. In developed countries such as the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, it is a must to have an internship for a while as it is nearly impossible to find a job straight away. The objective is one has to prove that the person is proficient in expressing the situation in real life. An internship opportunity from a good organization will open up several employment opportunities.

Covering an event live requires a lot of in depth knowledge on what is happening in and around and present it convincingly. However, if you choose to doBA (Journalism and Mass Communication) from CGC Jhanjerithen you can hit the ground running as you join a job. The college has appropriate infrastructure and collaborations which enables students to have adequate practical exposure and have an in-depth understanding of how a media house works and what are the different roles and job profiles.

Why pursue Journalism Courses after 12th from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri

One of the most renowned colleges in the whole of North India, CGC Jhanjeri is the place to be if you want to do a BA (Journalism & Mass Communication). The college has carved out a distinct niche with its exemplary work in the field of higher education; the record setting placement service has ensured that all the students are placed even before they pass out from the college. CGCIANS are provided with enriching practical exposure which makes them ready for the job and it is easy for them to integrate into the company without any hassle. College students have filed several patents and are doing it regularly; this indicates the exhaustive laboratory exposure that is given to students where they test what is being taught to them in classrooms while trying out new things.