Mastering the Fusion: Exploring the BCom LLB Integrated Course

Have you wondered about the fusion of LLB and BCom law? B Com LLB integrated course is one of a kind. BCom LLB admission is open from July to October every year. It is a five-year integrated course combining both commerce and law. Students learn about both commerce and law subjects. Commerce subjects include business statistics, business communication, auditing, economics, etc. Law subjects include the Law of Contract, Consumer Protection Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Crimes, Legal Language, Interpretation of Statutes, Constitutional Law, etc.

BCom LLB Integrated Course

B Com LLB integrated course comprises ten semesters. You must clear all the papers in eight years, the maximum duration to clear a law course. You will be taught curriculum through classroom teaching, case studies, and moot court.

What is a B Com LLB integrated course?

The B Com LLB integrated course is a dual undergraduate degree in business and law. The abbreviation "BCom" refers to an undergraduate degree in the business field. An LLB degree is an undergraduate legal education degree. Lawyers, legal reporters, legal consultants, and judicial officials are just a few careers open to someone with an LLB and BCom law degree.

The BCom LLB program is a five-year integrated degree in law that combines business and legal studies. Candidates interested in law and business can benefit significantly from the BCom LLB program. A BCom LLB degree is ideal for students interested in a corporate law career since it integrates the study of law and business. Business law, corporate law, and tax law are just a few of the subspecialties that students might pursue in law.

Economics, marketing management, English, and accounting principles are only some of the non-legal topics included in the B Com LLB integrated course, along with more law-centric courses like Civil Law, Labour Law, and Criminal Law. After finishing their 10+2 from a recognized board in India in any discipline, including science, commerce, or the arts, students may apply to the BCom LLB dual degree program.

B Com LLB integrated course Fee Structure

LLB and BCom law degree costs may vary from institution to institution. The minimum tuition for a course in a college funded by the state or federal government is Rs. 28,000, with a cap of Rs. 9.18 lakhs. However, private universities charge much more tuition. BCom LLB tuition ranges from a low of 1.65 lakhs to a high of 13.20 lakhs.

Why pursue a B Com LLB integrated course?

LLB and BCom law are for those who want to combine their interests in business and law. This course will educate students in the commercial and legal aspects of law. Candidates will get a unique perspective that may be useful in various fields of work. A legal education is required for many business careers, including corporate law, intellectual property law, and tax law. If you're interested in working in any of these fields, a BCom LLB can provide the training you need to succeed.

Who can take BCom LLB admission?

Different schools have different requirements for enrolling in a BCom LLB program. Nonetheless, Economics, Business Studies, and Mathematics are often required for admission to a BCom LLB degree and a Class 12 diploma from a recognized board. In addition, prospective students need to take some entrance exams at competitive universities.

B Com LLB integrated course Eligibility Criteria

BCom LLB admission requirements might vary from institution to. However, the requirements to enroll in a B Com LLB integrated course are almost identical.

Candidates must have earned a 10+2 in any subject from a government-recognized Indian board. However, those with a background in commerce will be given priority. Students applying for admission to the BCom LLB degree program must have a minimum of 45% in the general category and 40% in the SC/ST/OBC category.

B Com LLB integrated course: Syllabus

Semester Subjects
  Semester 1
  1. Legal Methods
  2. Law of Torts
  3. Law of Contracts
  4. Principles of Accounting
  Semester 2
  1. Law of Contracts I
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Foundation of Social Sciences
  4. Business Psychology and Organisational Behaviour
  Semester 3
  1. Law of Contracts II
  2. Law of Crimes
  3. Economics
  4. Financial Institutions, Markets and Services
  Semester 4
  1. Constitutional Law I
  2. Criminal Procedure Code
  3. Property Law
  4. Family Law I
 Semester 5
  1. Constitutional Law II
  2. Family Law II
  3. Civil Procedure Code and Law of Limitation
  4. Gender & Society
 Semester 6
  1. Public International Law
  2. Jurisprudence
  3. Administrative Law
  4. Law of Evidence
 Semester 7
  1. Law of Banking
  2. Law of Taxation
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution
 Semester 8
  1. Labour Law I
  2. International Trade Law
  3. Interpretation of Statutes
 Semester 9
  1. Labour Law II
  2. Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
  3. Investment Law
 Semester 10
  1. Professional Ethics and Bar-Bench Relations
  2. Human Rights Law & Theory
  3. Dissertation

What is B Com LLB Integrated Course Career Scope?


This role requires providing advice and representation in civil and criminal proceedings. Attorneys participate in all court sessions and hearings when they present their clients' cases.

Salary: 6- 9 LPA

Legal Advisor

Candidates who choose this career path are also attorneys who have chosen to focus on a subset of law. Governments and significant businesses often use the services of legal counsel. A lawyer's primary responsibility is to shield their client from adverse court outcomes.

Salary: 7- 10 LPA


One must do extensive study to obtain both empirical facts and tangible proof in such a role. Apart from this, lawyers are also tasked with reviewing and creating contracts.

Salary: 5- 9 LPA


In this role, you'd likely focus on one subset of law, such as tax, litigation, family, or property. Solicitors serve individual and corporate clients, providing them with expert legal counsel.

Salary: 6- 9 LPA


Candidates with an LLB are qualified to teach law at the university level.

Salary: 6- 10 LPA

Who are the top recruiters for the B Com LLB Integrated Course?

JSA Advocates & Solicitors Khaitan & Co.
Luthra & Luthra Law Offices India Saraf & Partners Law offices
Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Argus Partners
Singh & Associates Wadhwa Law Offices
Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Singhania & Partners


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