Navigating the Intersection: BBA LLB Explained

The full form of BBA LLB course is Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law. BBA LLB course duration is five years. It is a dual degree program that combines the study of business administration and law. With this course, students gain knowledge in both business and law fields

BBA LLB eligibility criteria is 10+2. It's made for anyone who wants to know more about the relationship between law and commerce. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and LL.B. programs combine business and law studies by requiring students to take courses in both fields.


Most students get into BBA LLB courses by taking one of the several law school entrance examinations, including CLAT, SLAT, LSAT, and AILET. Students begin the BBA LLB study with a foundation in commerce, learning topics such as management principles, accounting, computer applications, effective communication, etc. After that, potential lawyers are educated in the areas of law that would be most relevant to their future careers, such as tort law, family law, constitutional law, contract law, intellectual property law, corporate law, administrative law, civil law, criminal law, and so on.

Candidates in the Bachelor of Business Administration and LLB program learn about many topics via lectures, case analyses, and mock trials. To understand the skills of writing, pleading, and conveyancing, candidates must take part in mock court and client counseling sessions. Internships in law firms and with advocates are also required so that students may see how theoretical concepts are put into practice.

BBA LLB Course Details

BBA LLB Full Form

Bachelor of Business Administration - Bachelor of Law

BBA LLB course duration

5 - years

BBA LLB Course Fees

INR 2.5-7 lakhs

BBA LLB Subjects

Constitutional Law, Indian Legal System, Basic theory of law, Company Law, Taxation Law, Property Law, etc

BBA LLB eligibility criteria

10+2 with a minimum of 45% aggregate score from a recognized board.

BBA LLB Average Salary

INR 3 - 8 LPA

BBA LLB Top Recruiters

Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co, AZB & Partners, Trilegal, Khaitan & CO, Desai and Diwanji, etc


Lawyer, Advocate, Solicitor, Legal Advisor, law reporter, Law firm associate, Human rights activist, Professor, etc

All About BBA LLB Course Details

The BBA LLB is a double major that combines the study of business administration and law. It's a five-year commitment made specifically for those who have completed their secondary schooling. This all-encompassing course introduces students to the cornerstones of management, from accounting to organizational theory. It's a great fit for anybody interested in a future as a lawyer, an advocate, or a judge. Numerous students pursue legal education yearly, demonstrating the program's widespread appeal.

What is a BBA LLB course details?

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Bachelor of Law (LLB) is a double degree program that combines two distinct but complementary fields of study. It's meant to be a five-year program for those who have already finished high school. This program gives students a solid grounding in the law while introducing them to fundamental management principles, including Organizational Behavior and Accounting. Particularly well-suited are those who want to become attorneys, advocates, or judges in litigation, advocacy, or the judiciary. The many people applying to study law at different universities demonstrate the degree's widespread appeal.

Who can pursue a BBA LLB course?

One may pursue a BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law) if they satisfy the requirements. Students must have finished high school (10+2) or have an equivalent certification from a recognized board or institution to be eligible for this program. Although the particular qualifications may differ per school, applicants should typically have the following skills and experiences:

Educational Qualification: Completing the 10+2 program or its equivalent with a minimum required percentage or grade from a recognized board.

Age Limit: There is usually no upper age restriction. However, certain establishments may have such requirements.

Admissions policies and requirements sometimes vary amongst higher education institutions. Admission into a BBA LLB degree may also be contingent on performance on entrance tests, interviews, or other forms of merit-based selection at certain schools. Candidates interested in studying a BBA LLB should familiarize themselves with the admissions criteria of their preferred educational institution.

What is the scope of BBA LLB?

Students who get a BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law) degree will have several options open to them professionally and academically. When students major in business and law, they get a set of transferable skills that are difficult to find elsewhere. Graduates of BBA and LLB programs may pursue careers in the following areas:

  1. 1. Legal Practitioner
  2. 2. Corporate Counsel
  3. 3. Legal Advisor
  4. 4. Legal Consultant
  5. 5. Judge
  6. 6. Legal Researcher
  7. 7. Compliance Officer
  8. 8. Human Resources Manager
  9. 9. Legal Analyst
  10. 10. Arbitrator
  11. 11. Mediator
  12. 12. Legal Writer
  13. 13. Government Lawyer
  14. 14. Public Prosecutor
  15. 15. Legal Educator
  16. 16. Legal Policy Analyst
  17. 17. Law Firm Administrator
  18. 18. Tax Consultant
  19. 19. Contract Manager
  20. 20. Intellectual Property Consultant

BBA LLB Eligibility Criteria

The requirements to enroll in BBA LLB are easy to understand and meet. Basic qualifying requirements are as follows; however, specifics may vary from university to university and college to college.

    1. Candidates must have passed 10+2 in economics, English, and statistics.
    2. Candidates in the general category need 45%, while those in the SC/ST category need just 40%.
    3. In addition to high school graduates, those with a diploma in law can also enroll in the BBA LLB program.

In conclusion, the BBA LLB course offers a dynamic and promising path for individuals aspiring to excel in law and business. This integrated program equips students with a multifaceted skill set, making them versatile professionals who can thrive in various legal and corporate roles. For those seeking an exceptional educational experience, CGC Jhanjeri stands out as the best college for BBA LLB because of its commitment to academic excellence, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Take advantage of this opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey in law and business. Take the first step toward your future success – Apply Now!