Optometry- Best Career Option After +2 Medical

Have you been confused in choosing a career after completing your high school in Science Stream? Is a Bachelor of Science course beneficial? Is there a scope for pursuing a BSc Optometry course? We have all your answers.

It is true that selecting a course can be an overly hectic and difficult job to pick up an option for studies out of the numerous courses available. For a science student, there are many streams to choose from, for example, MBBS, engineering, architecture, pharmacy, etc. However, when it comes to talking about only the Medical stream, and then pursuing a degree in the same means spending a lot of money, numerous years, and dedicated practices for ensuring a successful career in life.

In addition to all this, out of several students pursuing a medical stream, there are only some who wish to apply for the entrance exams for AIIMS and NEET, thus wishing for a course that is suitable for time and money together. For such candidates, the BSc Optometry course is the latest and best solution available. In many countries the course of Optometry is counted among the leading income generating professions. Hence by pursuing a BSc Optometry degree, a student is able to gain a prestigious position of a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) and not a medical physician/doctor.

But What Exactly is A Course in Optometry?

As per the general awareness, there are a lot of people who suffer from an ailment on eye and the profession to diagnose, examine, and treat the problem is called Optometry. The professional who carries out all these duties is known as an OD (Doctor of Optometry). However, one should take care of not confusing optometry with Ophthalmology. An Ophthalmologist is an eye surgeon who treats vision problems. As an optometrist, the duties include minor operations, prescribing the eye lens, and testing the vision.

Does studying from the Best BSc Optometry Colleges in Chandigarh Help in Having Better Career Options?

Once you are a graduated Optometrist, there are numerous opportunities and roles that you can look for. But what difference does it make by pursuing the course from the well ranked BSc Optometry Colleges? Let us know what all will it provide:

Better Jobs as the demand for an OD is seeing a boost both in India and abroad.

Higher Salaries with graduating from the top BSc Optometry degree college for the reason that they provide the best placements in the companies who are industry leaders.

Friendly Family Career the profession of Optometry is termed as family friendly because one can practice this both as a full and part time job. Hence, one can give time for his/her family and also earn.

The Duties of an Optometrist

Graduating from the best BSc Optometry degree college in Chandigarh, the student is made to practice real-world scenarios and thus, to perform duties given as under

Execute and analyze the vision

Diagnose the problems related to eyesight, for example, farsightedness, nearsightedness, etc.

The Optometrists diagnose the eye diseases, for example, Cataract or Glaucoma, etc, and provide desired visual aid..

Contact lenses and eyeglasses are also prescribed by the Optometrists. They can in addition perform minor eye surgeries that involve rectifying the vision. Prior to the operations, optometrists are the ones who instruct the patient for pre and post-operative care for example, changing of bandages, examination of the eye, home care, etc.

Perform counseling of patients to promote eye health

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