CGC Jhanjeri Alumni Reunite for Joyful Post-Convocation Celebration


CGC Jhanjeri alumni gathered for a joyous post-convocation celebration on 16th February 2024, reminiscing about college memories and strengthening bonds. Alumni from different walks of life came together, rekindling old connections and creating new ones. 

From lively games that brought back college days' spirit to heartfelt conversations that echoed with shared experiences, every moment was a testament to the strong bonds forged at CGC Jhanjeri. Alumni from diverse backgrounds and graduating classes shared laughter, stories, and aspirations, creating an atmosphere of warmth and unity.

CGC Jhanjeri extends heartfelt gratitude to all alumni for gracing the occasion with their presence and infusing the festivities with joy and laughter. The post-convocation gathering was a heartwarming reminder of the cherished moments and lifelong friendships nurtured during their time at the institution.