CGC Jhanjeri Hosts International Diplomat Conclave 2024

CGC Jhanjeri Hosts International Diplomat Conclave 2024

CGC Jhanjeri organized the International Diplomat Conclave 2024 under the auspices of the Department of International Affairs. This prestigious event brought together esteemed delegates from over 8+ countries, including Ghana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Chad, Chile, and Indonesia, to discuss the theme of "Internationalization of Higher Education."

Among the distinguished guests were esteemed representatives such as H.E. Mrs. Harisoa Lalatiana Accouche, High Commissioner of Seychelles High Commission; H.E. Mrs. Lebohang Valentine Mochaba, High Commissioner of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho; H.E. Mr. Haymandoyal Dillum, High Commissioner of the Embassy of Mauritius; and H.E. Mrs. Dillah Lucienne, Ambassador of the Republic of Chad and many more. Their presence underscored the importance of international cooperation in advancing higher education on a global scale.

The conclave served as a platform for engaging in discussions on various challenges international students face, with a particular focus on language barriers. Delegates exchanged insights and proposed solutions, with CGC Jhanjeri pledging to introduce Hindi language courses to facilitate the smooth education of students from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, international students' scope and bright future were highlighted, emphasizing the institution's commitment to providing them with ample opportunities for growth and success.

The event also featured vibrant cultural events, including a fashion show showcasing traditional attire and captivating performances of traditional dances from South Sudan, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe. Attendees were further entertained by the energetic performances of Gidda and Bhangra, as well as a mesmerizing display by the Maulers Crew, a talented dance group from CGC Jhanjeri.

Mr. Arsh Dhaliwal, Managing Director of CGC Jhanjeri, delivered words of wisdom and inspiration, emphasizing the institution's commitment to providing a supportive environment for international students. He was joined by esteemed deans and directors from CGC Jhanjeri, including Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Campus Director. The International Diplomat Conclave 2024 at CGC Jhanjeri underscored the institution's dedication to fostering global partnerships and promoting cultural exchange in higher education. It showcased CGC Jhanjeri's commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive learning environment for students worldwide.