Successful Completion of Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship (IDE) Bootcamp at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, Mohali

Successful Completion of Innovation

The Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, Mohali, hosted a two-day Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship (IDE) Bootcamp, aimed at nurturing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and educators. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from 291 attendees, representing 32 schools, with 170 teachers and 121 students actively engaging in various sessions.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including Dr. Vinay Goyal, Executive Director (CGC-J); Dr. Avinash Sharma, Director of Engineering; and Dr. Sajjan Singh, Vice Principal. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp and warm welcomes, setting the tone for two days of immersive learning and collaboration. Special recognition was extended to experts from the Wadhwani Foundation, including Mr. Amit Singh, Dr. Haroor Anwar, Mr. Prakash Nimbalkar, and Dr. Prachee Gaur, who shared their valuable insights throughout the event.

Day 1 of the boot camp focused on the "Human-Centered Approach to Explore Innovation and Problem Solving." Mr. Prakash Nimbalkar led Session 1, titled "Let's ID8! Igniting Innovation with Design Magic," emphasizing design thinking principles and methodologies. This was followed by Dr. Mohd Haroon Anwar's session on "Self-Discover Your EntrepreFlow," guiding participants through self-discovery and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Session 3, led by Mr. Nimbalkar, delved into "Entrepreneurial Innovation," exploring strategies for identifying and capitalizing on entrepreneurial opportunities. The day concluded with Dr. Prachee Gaur's inspiring student-preneur talk on "Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Adventure," motivating students to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Day 2, themed "Ideas to Impact - Crafting Path to Business Success," commenced with Mr. Prakash Nimbalkar's session on "Discovery Lab: Unveiling Customer Insights," focusing on uncovering valuable insights into customer behavior. Dr. Mohd Haroon Anwar then led a session on "Crafting Awesome Ideas & Solutions," emphasizing innovative approaches to business differentiation. Ms. Anshika Bansal provided insights into "Grants and Funding Opportunities for Student Start-ups," followed by Mr. Amit Singh's session on "Rapid Prototyping," highlighting the transformation of ideas into tangible solutions. Mr. Nimbalkar's session on "Quick Math" revealed business potential, while Dr. Haroon Anwar and Mr. Amit Singh jointly conducted the final session on "Innovation Spotlight," facilitating interactive discussions on benchmarking practices.

The boot camp concluded with a closing ceremony marked by a vote of thanks from Dr. Avinash and Dr. Amit Kaushal, expressing gratitude to all participants and organizers. Certificates of participation were distributed, recognizing attendees' active engagement. Special recognition was extended to faculty and student coordinators for their efforts in ensuring the event's success.

Attendees gained practical knowledge on how incubators support startups, provide mentorship, facilitate networking, and access funding opportunities. Additionally, insights into emerging trends, challenges, and best practices in the startup ecosystem have been discussed. Overall, this session aimed to inspire and inform participants about the real-world application of innovation within the context of business incubation. The IDE Bootcamp at Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri, Mohali, served as a platform for fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, empowering participants to transform ideas into impactful solutions and ventures.