What are the Popular courses available after the 12th in commerce?

Commerce is a broad field that includes many business areas, such as finance, human resource management, taxation, accounting, law, and auditing. Undergraduate programmes teach you the foundations as well as the benchmark topics. Postgraduate courses allow you to widen your horizons by specialising in a specific sub-field. However, with a large selection of programmes available, students frequently ask, "What to study after 12th?" in the Commerce stream. So, to provide greater clarity here is a blog that will highlight some of the most popular courses available after the 12th Commerce.

How to Choose the Best Course After 12th Commerce?

Commerce is one of the most profitable and diverse fields of study. Many courses include business studies, accounting, management, marketing analysis, arithmetic, economics, statistics, etc. Students in classes 11 and 12 have the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects in the field of business. This is the most effective method for determining your vital areas of comprehension, interest, and capability. To decide how to pick the correct course after high school, you must first grasp your goods, the professional scope of the practice (s) you want to study, the subject's curriculum, and the cost of learning.

Bachelors of Commerce honors

BCom Hons from the best college for B.Com Hons in Punjab is a three-year degree that provides thorough knowledge in areas like strategic planning, economic and accounting practices, stock market fundamentals, operations management, entrepreneurship, and so on. It also improves your communication abilities and decision-making skills. Through full-time or correspondence possibilities, you can further specialise in sub-fields such as Computers, Accounting and Finance, Stock Market, Taxation, and so on!

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a full-time degree from commerce colleges in Chandigarh. It is awarded after three years of study in one or more business emphasis areas. Administrative principles, accounting skills, logistic management, and administrative procedures, mainly as they apply to strategic management, are covered in this course.

Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Application from top Bca college in Punjab is a three-year computer programme that is one of the most popular after the 12th Commerce. The BCA course from Best Bca college in Mohali gives knowledge of data storage and analysis, programming, networking, modeling, construction and software design, web design, cybersecurity, and other topics.


If you also want to make a law career, you make a good step. So let's talk about the law. After graduating from Top Law Colleges in Punjab, you not only make your career as a lawyer or advocate, you can make your career in many fields, like litigators, Law Consultants, Law Analysts, Judges, etc. This career gives you vast knowledge and gives you financial stability. Today in every organization, there is a legal cell where you can work as a consultant. The world is moving so vast that every organization wants to do work globally. They require people who know the laws and regulations of the place where such organizations are working.