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10 Best Career Opportunities After Journalism And Mass Communication

BA Journalism and Mass Communication.

The practice of journalism involves acquiring, analyzing, producing, and presenting news and information. Basically, reporting on recent events The study of spreading information to a broad audience via various forms of communication is known as mass communication. Studying together they make a BA

Journalism and Mass Communication program.

We are all interconnected via a network of various communication channels. We learn about them, whether it's the most recent international news or information on cricket scores. Technology and the media are entirely to blame for this. Spreading the information to a large population, such as the entire planet or nation, is what mass communication is all about.

Journalism is concerned with gathering and delivering news through print and electronic media if mass communication is the activity of distributing information. This requires a variety of tasks, including gathering information, writing, taking pictures, editing, and broadcasting or cable casting news items. Journalism includes researching, examining, and reporting on national and international events, trends, current affairs, and other issues.

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Scope And Career Opportunities Of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Considering the rising popularity of mass communication channels, there is a significant opportunity for aspirants in the field of journalism and public communication. If you excel in your industry, you can work for some of the top publishing firms, production companies, news channels, and radio stations in India. The Chandigarh Group of Colleges-Jhanjeri is one of the best mass communication colleges in Chandigarh that offers the BA Journalism and Mass Communication Course with the best facilities for a brighter future.

Top 8 Career Options in Journalism and Communication After BA Journalism and Mass Communication Degree:


With the candidates graduating from the finest Mass Communication Colleges in Punjab, a journalism career is the one chosen the most frequently. It equips applicants with all the necessary information and abilities for journalism, enabling them to successfully communicate the real story to the public.

Radio Jockey (RJ)

A wide range of job prospects is opening up in the young industry of radio jockeying. With a Journalism and Mass Communication degree, you may master a variety of communication skills, develop your creativity and your ability to think outside the box, and much more.

Content Creator

To produce content, various digital channels work with media, organisations, companies, and agencies. You may work as a sportswriter, an artist, or a journalist. You could even write about occurrences. Additionally, you may create branded materials for the corporate world.

Public Relations Professional

With a degree in J&MC, you'll have the greatest managerial, interpersonal, negotiating, and communication abilities to flourish in jobs involving public relations. Leading businesses all around the world are always looking for skilled people who can successfully represent their brand and establish a wide network and relationships in the industry. The need for PR specialists has increased dramatically as companies become more conscious of their brand image.

Publicity/Advertising Industry

Beginning with their bachelor's degree, students are educated about advertising and its usage. Using a notion to market your goods is the goal of publicity. Here, creativity is crucial. Numerous businesses in India are in need of original concepts from imaginative artists and planners.

Broadcasting and Production

Additionally, a degree in mass communication might help you land a job on the assembly line. There are more career opportunities in fields including filmmaking, television production, editing, camera work, screenwriting, and art direction.

CGC-Jhanjeri is ranked among the best colleges for BA Journalism colleges in India giving its candidate the best in industry placements to secure their future.

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