CGC Jhanjeri Hosts a Successful Alumni Tricity Chapter Catch- Up Session 2024

CGC Jhanjeri proudly organized the Alumni Tricity Chapter Catch-Up Session 2024 at Tim Hortons, CP-67 Mall, Mohali. This memorable event was orchestrated by the Centre for Career Planning & Development (CCPD) in collaboration with the CGCJ Alumni Association, bringing together many alumni from the graduating years of 2014 to 2023, alongside HR representatives from various esteemed companies.

The event commenced with a formal inauguration by our esteemed Deputy Director of CCPD, Mr. Mohan Prasad, Head of the Department of Applied Science, Dr. Ashwini Sharma, and Manager of Corporate Affairs at CCPD, Mr. Arun Sharma. The session was brimming with insightful discussions, knowledge exchange, and a wealth of inspiration, setting a positive tone for the evening.

The primary aim of the Alumni Tricity Chapter Catch-Up Session 2024 was to foster networking opportunities among alumni and HR professionals, share updates and achievements, discuss potential collaborations, and strengthen the bond within the alumni community. It also served as a platform for professional development, knowledge sharing, and supporting the alma mater's initiatives.

The evening was filled with engaging activities that allowed alumni to reconnect with old friends and form new professional relationships. Attendees participated in a variety of activities, including experience sharing, dance performances, songs, and games, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Alumni shared their experiences and insights during the session, discussing how they could contribute to the institute through mentoring, expert talks, and industrial visits. Their commitment to giving back to CGC Jhanjeri was heartwarming and inspiring.

The Alumni Tricity Chapter Catch-Up Session 2024 generated a highly positive outcome, fostering a strong sense of community among attendees. Networking opportunities were abundant, leading to potential collaborations and professional connections. Overall, the event successfully strengthened ties within the alumni community, provided meaningful experiences, and contributed to the ongoing success and cohesion of the CGCJ alumni network.