Renowned Author Ketan Bhagat Enlightens the students at CGC Jhanjeri

Renowned author Ketan Bhagat illuminated students at CGC Jhanjeri with an inspiring session on life lessons and success strategies.

On April 26th, Ketan Bhagat graced CGC Jhanjeri with an enlightening session titled "Life Lessons: Finding Success Using Laws of the Universe." Attendees were treated to a blend of humor, real-life anecdotes, and profound insights.

Bhagat emphasized the importance of uncovering life's purpose, continuous personal growth beyond formal education, and embracing spirituality to understand the cosmos. He also addressed relationships, urging attendees to choose companions mindfully.

Utilizing accessible language and relatable examples, Bhagat ensured attendees easily grasped the insights shared. An open Q&A session facilitated interaction, allowing both faculty and students to delve deeper into the topics.

As a gesture of appreciation, Bhagat distributed signed copies of his novel "Child God," enriching the experience for all. CGC Jhanjeri continues its commitment to holistic education by hosting esteemed personalities like Ketan Bhagat.