Groundbreaking Workshop on Cyber Security with Cloud Computing


Chandigarh College of Engineering, Jhanjeri, Mohali, played host to an insightful workshop on "Cyber Security with Cloud Computing." Organized by the esteemed Department of Cyber Security, the event drew attention from academia, industry, and beyond, as experts convened to explore the intersection of cloud computing and cybersecurity. Dr. Anamol Gautam, Head of Department, and Dr. Sajjan Singh, the Honourable Principal of CCE, warmly welcomed Mr. Rohit Khosla, Director and Co-Founder of The Core Systems, as the distinguished guest speaker.

The workshop was a key platform for discussing how cloud computing can benefit businesses, by making things more available, scalable, and flexible. With Mr. Rohit Khosla sharing his expertise, we all learned a lot about new ideas and security concerns with cloud technology. Throughout the day, everyone was involved in discussions and sharing knowledge, creating a lively atmosphere where we could explore innovative cybersecurity strategies tailored to cloud technologies.

Mr. Khosla's wealth of experience, spanning across diverse ventures including The Core Systems, CADDPrimer India, and Netmax Technologies Pvt. Ltd.'s Embedded System Division, added significant value to the workshop. His insights into the evolving landscape of cyber threats, alongside effective defense mechanisms, equipped attendees with practical approaches to mitigate risks and harness the transformative potential of cloud computing securely.