Inspiring Workshop by Solitaire Infosys Pvt. Ltd. on Python and AI

solitaire infosys

The Technophile Club of the Applied Science Department at Chandigarh College of Engineering, Jhanjeri, Mohali, proudly hosted a Transformative Workshop on September 6, 2023, featuring esteemed guests from Solitaire Infosys Pvt. Ltd. The event garnered accolades from the institution's leadership, including the honorable Principal, Dr. Sajjan Singh, and HOD, Dr. Anamol Gautam.

Mr. Gagandeep Sawhney, General Manager of Solitaire Infosys, delivered a captivating keynote address, emphasizing the pivotal role of programming languages, particularly Python, in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His insights into real-world applications resonated deeply with both students and professors alike.

The workshop's second half showcased practical hands-on implementation of Python, led by technical experts Mr. Praduman and Mrs. Priyanka from Solitaire Infosys Pvt. Ltd. Their expertise illuminated the path for aspiring CSE coders, providing invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of data sciences, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The event marked a significant milestone in fostering industry-academia collaboration, empowering attendees with practical knowledge and insights crucial for their academic and professional journeys.